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She walks from the bed to the window that’s glowing with morning light.

He hopes she realizes how her white, translucent nightgown wonderfully matches the curtain hanging in front of the window, that is also covered by slats blocking out most of the light.

But even if she doesn’t realize this, it’s still a beautiful sight for him. Her nightgown ending at her mid-thigh, her ass can be seen through the delicate fabric. The vertical line of her ass contrasting with the horizontal lines of the window slats.

The morning light radiates between those slats, and the curtain softens it. Same with her nightgown, softening her body.

Layers upon layers, and their soft appearance is misleading. For these coverings can be stronger than imagined, and they can take a long while to lift, to get at what lies underneath.

Their vacation has been a good way for unveiling. Peeling away layer upon layer of defenses. Routines, getting into ruts, are too easily established and not questioned enough. Until disturbed by a force knocking them to the side.

She turns the rod at the side of the window, and the slats turn, open, the spaces between them widen, allowing more morning light to rush through after it was impatiently waiting for that to happen.

She looks out of one of those spaces to the world beyond, the palm trees and brightly colored tropical flowers of the resort’s grounds.

Watching her, he commits this image to his memory. Along with the image of her walking toward the window. Now the curve of her breast is suggested through that translucent nightgown as she turns a little to the side. Just one of the many curves that he loves.

These images he commits to memory, for he wants to remember them after this vacation is over. This is not their everyday life, but a force to question it. And this force — with its beautiful images — must be remembered, for its effect can still work later on.



Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Free Ebook!

Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart - ebook cover

My new erotic short story, “A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart,” is now available for free! You can download this ebook from Smashwords free until October 30.

Only for readers 18 years and older, as this is erotica, and it contains explicit descriptions of sex.

Here’s the story’s description:

Tabitha is an older woman whose husband has cheated on her for a while, and she’s stayed with him — but she has dealt with his cheating by having affairs of her own. While buying a mocha cappuccino at the shopping mall’s coffee shop, she catches the eye of Ethan, who hasn’t before had a thing for MILFs, but Tabitha’s vivaciousness and assets grab his interest.

Their affair grows more serious than Tabitha had anticipated, with Ethan falling in love with her — on top of his deep lust for her. With a heavy heart, Tabitha decides to break off the relationship. But before they completely call it quits, she invites him to a honeymoon for their lives apart, to be spent indulging in a lush seaside hotel.

“A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart” is an erotic short story (16,150 words) about a older woman and a younger man that contains explicit descriptions of sex, naughty play in a hot tub, a video interview, a pet nickname, jealousy, and a chocolate dessert.

This is a work of erotic fiction and is meant for mature readers 18 years and older only.


Let’s get a little into the story with an excerpt (toward the beginning of the ebook):

She took my breath away back then—at the time when I was taking this video—and she still takes my breath away. At least I have these movies of you. No doubt, my memories will blur and fade. But videos will bring back every sharp detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tabby for letting me take video of you. Make that videos.

She fusses with her hair and pushes up her boobs. Her lips press against each other in that expertly swift move that women do to ensure their lipstick is on evenly.

My vain movie star. Bet you think this movie’s aboutcha, don’tcha?

Of course it is.

Tabby, you’re perfect for the movies. You see that now, don’t you? Christ, it took forever to persuade you to try it. Then I couldn’t get you to stop.

But then you put a stop to everything. A big, heart-breaking stop. Thank goodness I had the idea for these movies. Thank goodness we did so many. I’ll have all these videos to remember you by. And jerk off to your hotness.

My TV image sits next to Tabitha and says, “Ready?”

“Always am, baby.” A sly smile on ruby red lips.

My TV self can’t help but smile back. I was always putty in her hands. Especially after she had sucked and stroked me to a tremendous climax. I say, “Okay. Let’s get started, then. How do you remember us meeting?”


Finally, I’ve got to include it, the fine print: Any resemblance between the characters in this novel with persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The image in the cover is stock photography, and the model is used for illustrative purposes only — inclusion on the cover is not meant to imply the model’s involvement in the activities described in this story. All characters in the story are older than 18 years old and participate in consensual sex. The mention of companies and products in the story should not be taken as their support of the events in the story.



“It’s okay,” she said in her best soothing tone. “It’s completely fine.”

He grunted. “Easy for you to say. It’s not happening to you.”

“But it does. Of course not the same way. But there are times I’m not in the mood for sex. Lots of times. And it won’t work the way it usually does.”

“But I am in the mood for sex. Believe me, I’m totally in the mood.”

“I’m sorry, honey.”

He sighed and said, “I just don’t get it. I mean, yeah, it’s happened before, when I was drunk off my ass. But I’ve only had a glass of wine tonight.”

“Yeah, I remember that time.”

“Of course you do.” His voice had an edge to it.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That of course you’d remember the other time I couldn’t get it up.”

Her hand stopped caressing his limp cock and rested lightly on his chest. “Honey, please don’t get upset. I remember it just because it only happened those couple of times. That’s so rare.”

“Couple of times?” he asked.

“Yeah, after Scott and Justine’s wedding.”

“Fuck, I forgot about that. I just remembered that time in Vegas.”

She laughed, then quickly stopped herself. “I’m not laughing at you. Not because of that. But because of us. How crazy drunk we were in Vegas. It’s no wonder we couldn’t have sex! We were all sloppy and stupid, we could barely stand up.”

“Yeah. That was awesome. Totally makes sense why I couldn’t get it up. But was I that far gone at the wedding?”

“No, you weren’t nearly as drunk.”

“So what happened then?” he asked.

“Don’t know. What happened now? It doesn’t really matter. It just happens sometimes, honey.”

“Yeah, and you’ll remember it.”

“What, am I supposed to forget every bad thing? Come on, honey. I know you’re upset, but please don’t take it out on me. How many times have I said that I wasn’t in the mood for sex?”

“I don’t know exactly. Several times, I guess.”

“More than three.”

He sighed again. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry. It’s just really fucking frustrating.”

“Then let’s move on, okay? It happened. How about some TV? Might help you get your mind off it.”

“Sure.” He sat up in bed, resting his back against the headboard, then clicked on the television and found a show about a couple being shown several houses and trying to decide on which house to buy. “This okay?”

“Sure, it’s fine,” she said, sitting up next to him. She kissed him on the cheek and added, “I’m sorry, sweetie.”

They watched the TV show together, not saying anything as the couple on the screen argued about what they wanted in their next house. Eventually, they decided on a house and the show ended. Then a new show began with the same process — but with a new couple.

Finally, he fell asleep, still sitting up. She slipped out of bed as quietly as she could, tip-toed to the living room, and slid onto the couch, where she touched herself. While she got herself off, she couldn’t help but think of the hot guy on the TV show who was in the first couple looking at potential houses. She didn’t do it on purpose, but found that his face eased into her thoughts as she caressed her clitoris to an orgasm. Afterward, she tip-toed back to bed, turned off the TV, and looked at her husband with sadness. Still, she hoped he would be able to perform next time.



Resemblances to Miriam

The third one, and she still wasn’t Miriam. There had been somewhat of a resemblance, which was why Derek had picked her out in the dating website in the first place.

When Derek had figured going on a dating site might’ve been a good idea, he hit a brick wall with the long questionnaire and its seemingly endless, inane queries:

What are the things that you are most proud of?

What are the top three things you are most passionate about?

If you won a million dollars in the lottery, how would you spend it?

What’s the most important thing you’re looking for in another person?

The last one was laughable. The most important thing was that the other person be Miriam. Nothing else was needed. No worries about hair color or eye color. How important religion was to them. If they were a smoker or a vegetarian or exercised three times week. If they’d rather go to an art museum or a baseball game (or insert other sport in the line below).

None of that mattered.

Derek had to admit that his third date from the website, just last night, was the closest among all three. Her name was Bethany. There was something to her brown eyes that were Miriam-like. Sure, they were more guarded than Miriam’s. Well, except for toward the end, when Miriam certainly had her guard up in their many arguments. But maybe it was because Bethany’s eyes were guarded and Miriam-like that Derek was impacted by them more than the first two dates. Maybe he wanted to see those eyes become unguarded, back to how they looked while things were smooth and beautiful with Miriam.

Still, though, Bethany’s gestures were wrong. She moved in a different way. Not close to Miriam at all.

“Which,” Derek told the cup of coffee the morning after the date, “is completely unfair to Bethany.” He had been honest with Bethany during the date and said that he had recently had a painful break-up. He was taking things slowly. Bethany kindly nodded, said she understood.

But she didn’t know how deeply Derek wanted her to be Miriam.

He sipped the coffee, then watched how the disturbance of his lips caused ripples across the surface of the coffee. He couldn’t decide whether to ask Bethany out on another date or leave her be and just be alone for a while.



October Plans

The long stretch of posts about Oktoberfest / Bavaria / Germany is over! I hope you enjoyed the posts, but now it’s time for my blog to move on from Bavaria.

Next up are a couple of ebooks that I’m going to self-publish this month. Not any novels, but erotic short stories instead — on the longish side of short stories (one is more than 20,000 words). The first story will come out in the middle of the month, and it’s about an older woman (a MILF, you might say) and a younger man. The other story will hopefully be published on Halloween, and it’s about a lonely stay-at-home mom with a very active imagination and a man who visits a house across the street.

When I release these, I’ll offer them for free for a few days through Smashwords.

These stories are a bit different from the writing I’ve published on my blog. I’m guilty of falling into the pattern of writing stories with committed couples who are playful, respectful, and passionate.

However, there are many stories beyond fun couples. Stories of people with problems and attempts to solve them.

This reminds me of this past season of Masters of Sex, the TV show on the Showtime network. The show recently finished its second season, and it was more complex than its first season — where Dr. Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (terrifically acted by Lizzy Caplan) were trying to gain support for their sex study. There were side plots, of course, but I feel that the second season brought more of these side plots, showing more of what was going on in the characters’ lives besides the sex study.

This character development involved problems — as it should when adding drama. And these included sexual dysfunction. Toward the beginning of the second season, Dr. Masters wanted to throw out the files of subjects who deviated from the norm. Case in point: in a masturbation session, a subject ejaculated after just 5 seconds. Dr. Masters didn’t want to include him in the study, and others like him who didn’t fit a set pattern where most people fall into.

But problems exist. Not everyone fits into the “norm.” That’s something the show included in the first season, with Dr. Masters’s support of Provost Scully (Beau Bridges), who was homosexual and tried to hide it. In the second season, the show brought in other sexual problems. Barbara Sanderson (Betsy Brandt), a secretary, suffered from “vaginismus, an involuntary clinching of her pelvic muscles that prevents intercourse” (quoted from LA Times) that arose from deep guilt over incestuous acts with her brother when they were younger. Both Dr. Masters and film guy Lester Linden (Kevin Christy), who filmed subjects in the study during their sexual activities, both suffered from impotence. Finally, carried over from the first season was the problem of Mrs. Libby Masters herself (Caitlin Fitzgerald), who didn’t get any action at home — even though she’s married to the guy who came up with the idea of the sex study. (In the next-to-last episode this season, with her wonderfully acted monologue about not knowing herself, and then her blissful face as she lay, receiving loving, on the kitchen floor: Oh, hell yes.)

Yes, problems and drama exist. As much as I enjoy writing stories of fun couples in passionate play, I’m striving to break up that pattern sometimes and include characters with problems. Characters who don’t see eye to eye on everything and disagree. Who cheat on their spouses. Who get frustrated when things don’t work out like they want (like with Simon in my novel Bavarian Beauty).

And when I get tired of writing characters with problems, it’ll be nice to return to those couples who simply have fun gettin’ it on. They’ll always be there, making me smile with their teasing dialogue and hot, playful ways.

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I’ve been posting about Bavaria for a couple of weeks, and now it’s time for Berlin. Nope, this city is not in Bavaria — but a few events in my novel Bavarian Beauty take place in Berlin. So I thought it would be neat to show some places in the city where Simon and Gretchen (characters in the novel) go sightseeing.

All of these pics were taken by photographers who put them up on Flickr under a Creative Commons license, to be used for non-commercial purpose and given attribution to them.

* * * * *

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was built on the location of a former city gate, and “it was commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace and built by Carl Gotthard Langhans from 1788 to 1791.” (Quote from Wikipedia.) The arch was damaged during World War II, and it was patched up after Germany’s surrender — but it wasn’t fully restored until 2002.

Brandenburg Gate, by Werner Kunz (Flickr)

Werner Kunz (Flickr)

* * * * *

Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden (“under the linden trees”) is a walkway flanked by rows of — you guessed it — linden trees. The walkway’s western start is the Brandenburg Gate. Buildings along the walkway include the Aldon Hotel, Hungarian Embassy, Russian Embassy, and Humboldt University.

Unter den Linden, by flierfy (Flickr)

flierfy (Flickr)

Unter den Linden, by Michael (Flickr)

Michael (Flickr)

* * * * *

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall that was saved and moved, with “105 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted in 1990 on the east side.” (Quote from the Wiki article.)

East Side Gallery, by Rodrigo SEPÚLVEDA SCHULZ  (Flickr)


East Side Gallery, by Jussi Savolainen (Flickr)

Jussi Savolainen (Flickr)

Possibly the most photographed portion was painted by Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel, and it’s named, “My God, help me to survive this deadly love.” This painting is based on a photo taken by French photographer Régis Bossu in 1979 of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker kissing (a kiss is supposedly a normal tradition for socialist buds) after a speech given by Brezhnev in celebrating 30 years of East Germany. When Paris Match ran the photo, they included the caption “The Kiss.” You can see the photo on the Iconic Photos blog.

East Side Gallery, by Marta Nimeva Nimeviene (Flickr)

Marta Nimeva Nimeviene (Flickr)

* * * * *

River Spree (Boat Tour)

River Spree, by grahamc99 (Flickr)

grahamc99 (Flickr)

* * * * *


The Reichstag is where the German Parliament (Bundestag) meets. The original building was completed in 1894, then was severely damaged in a fire in 1933. It wasn’t until Germany reunified that full restoration began, starting in 1990, and architect Norman Foster added the glass dome on top to symbolize the reunification.

Reichstag, by Philippe AMIOT (Flickr)

Philippe AMIOT (Flickr)

Reichstag, by Luke Ratzlaff (Flickr)

Luke Ratzlaff (Flickr)

Reichstag, by Thomas Quine (Flickr)

Thomas Quine (Flickr)

* * * * *


The U-Bahn is short for “Untergrundbahn” (which means “underground railway”), and it’s the public transportation system for getting around Berlin. The photo below is of the Heidelberger Platz platform.

U-Bahn, by Rae Allen (Flickr)

Rae Allen (Flickr)

* * * * *

Potsdamer Platz

The Potsdamer Platz is a public square in the center of Berlin, among the skyscrapers downtown. The Sony Center includes shops and restaurants, with the space topped with a very cool ceiling made of glass, steel, and sails (designed by Helmut Jahn).

Potsdamer Platz, by visitBerlin (Flickr)

visitBerlin (Flickr)

Potsdamer Platz at night, by visitBerlin (Flickr)

Potsdamer Platz, by visitBerlin (Flickr)


Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle (or “New Swanstone Castle”) isn’t in my novel, Bavarian Beauty, that I’ve been pimping for two weeks (during the span of Oktoberfest), but I wanted to include the castle in my tour around Bavaria. The castle’s just too pretty not to include in the tour.

First, a little bit about this place — and all of this is from the Wikipedia article on it. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the castle as a retreat (and some people just have a beach house) and as a homage to Richard Wagner. Yeah, the “Ride of the Valkyries” guy.

In 1882, the gatehouse was finished, so Ludwig could move in and see the construction of the palace. He was able to upgrade his living quarters to the Palas (hall) in 1884, even though it was still unfinished. Here’s a shot of the castle’s construction back in 1886:

Neuschwanstein Castle construction, by Joseph Albert (Wikimedia Commons)

Joseph Albert (Wikimedia Commons)

Unfortunately, when Ludwig died in 1886, the castle still wasn’t finished — and he had lived in it for only 172 days. That’s not a lot of time in your castle. But at least he had that — especially with that view! Because Richard Wagner, who the castle was dedicated to, never even went into the castle (he died in 1883).

Well, it didn’t take long for the palace to become a tourist attraction. Regent Luitpold opened it up to visitors just six weeks after Ludwig died. And it’s still open today, with more than 1.3 million tourists walking through the halls every year.

But if you can’t make it to Bavaria anytime soon, here’s a short virtual vacation for you, thanks to talented Flickr photographers (click on each pic to jump to their webpage). If you’d like to see more pics (with interiors), go to the castle website’s tour of the castle and the Wikipedia article.

Neuschwanstein Castle, by gerdragon (Flickr)

gerdragon (Flickr)

Neuschwanstein Castle, by Damian Hunt (Flickr)

Damian Hunt (Flickr)

Neuschwanstein Castle, by Curimedia (Flickr)

Curimedia | P H O T O G R A P H Y (Flickr)

Neuschwanstein Castle, by Chris Zielecki (Flickr)

Chris Zielecki (Flickr)


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