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Best Friends

Thanks to all who downloaded my free e-books over the weekend. I very much hope you enjoy the stories!

And now, a quote from Groucho Marx…

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
― Groucho Marx, The Essential Groucho: Writings For By And About Groucho Marx

dog, by Chris Frewin (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Chris Frewin (Flickr, Creative Commons)


Quote from Good Reads. The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


Last Day for Free Books in August

Today’s the second — and last — day of my big giveaway of e-books! You can see the list of free e-books in this post. They’re erotica and romance, so readers only 18 and above, please. I hope you enjoy reading them!

And now, for no particular reason, here’s a photo I found on Flickr of a private island in Fiji. Looks like a nice place to relax … and write … and swim … and dream …

tropical island, by androidm (Flickr, Creative Commons)

androidm (Flickr, Creative Commons)

The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.

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Authors: Share Your Work!


A great chance for authors to share their books … and for readers to discover new authors!

Originally posted on brittneysahin:


It’s that time again.

Please share your book(s) now through August 17th

For those that are new to this post: Twice a month I invite fellow authors to share their WIP or their current works for sale. I invite everyone to post links to their personal websites, other social accounts, or advertise a link to BUY. Use this space to BRAG about what you are working on – or what you have published! Be proud of your hard-work & not embarrassed to self-promote!

If you have a book for sale (or upcoming)- I will add your book to my list of “authors to read” by the genre – See example here: Authors to Read!

For those who have posted before: Feel free to advertise again. Or- if you have a different book you would like me to add to the list (or different link to buy)- please include it.


Title. Genre.  Release…

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Ides of August: Free E-books!

August free e-books day

Julius Caesar was told to beware the Ides of March, but he didn’t listen. Amazon had their Prime Day on the Ides of July.

Now we’ve made it to the Ides of August, but you don’t have to beware it: because the books below are available today and tomorrow for FREE. And Brutus is nowhere in sight — I think he’s vacationing in the Caribbean, actually.

Please know that these are erotica and romantic stories, with explicit descriptions of sex, so these e-books are meant for readers who are 18 years and older. Maybe these aren’t the best stories for beach reading, but if that’s your thing, then go right ahead. Or, if you’re not on a beach, hopefully these stories would heat you up as if you were :)

If you like what you read, please write a book review on Amazon — reviews are valuable to us self-publishers. Actually, if you don’t like the book, feel free to write a review saying why. It’ll be feedback that helps me as a writer.

Click on the e-book title to jump to the book’s Amazon page. The books are arranged roughly by their size, from the first two being novels to the last few being short stories.


Bavarian Beauty. Simon Edwards has a fetish for dirndls (the traditional Bavarian dress) which causes him to endure many disappointing dates with non-dirndl wearing women. But how far is he willing to go to deliver on someone else’s fantasy in return for receiving his?

An Eager Audience: A Cuckold Erotic Romance. Kim Rowland is stunned when her husband — Oscar — tells her that he is turned on by imagining her being with another man. Oscar explains that this is called a cuckold fantasy, which is also known as hotwife. This news comes as quite a turn-around, since Oscar used to be upset about Kim flirting with other men. When Kim gets over her surprise at Oscar’s sudden confession, she realizes that if they go down this road, she could achieve one of her fantasies: a threesome with two men. This story follows the path that Kim and Oscar take in discussing their fantasies, shopping for men on a dating website, and more.

Beltane: Night of Magic and Romance. Beltane is a Gaelic festival to celebrate fertility and the arrival of the warm season, rejoicing in the land as it awoke from the long slumber of winter. Katelyn is approached by a few men who wish to celebrate Beltane night by rolling in the woods with her, but she’s put off by their drunkenness and selfishness. Another man, Shandon, is much less cocky and drunk, but his conversation with Katelyn is interrupted by Queen Mab — queen of the faeries — and she whisks them to the spirit world, where Shandon is challenged to see what he is made of, and how much he cares for Katelyn in his budding love. Available for free only on August 15, as this book only has a day left for free promotion.

The Troll’s Bridge. A man dies across the street … A man dressed as a troll visits Sophie on Halloween… A man with piercing slate eyes appears in the house across the street. Strange things are happening in Sophie’s neighborhood. Will the man with the piercing eyes step up and give her the control — and the energetic sex that her mostly complacent husband doesn’t give her?

A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart. Tabitha is an older woman whose husband has cheated on her for a while, and she has parried with affairs of her own. Including an affair with Ethan, but it grows serious when Ethan falls in love with her. With a heavy heart, Tabitha breaks off the relationship. But before they completely call it quits, she invites him to a honeymoon for their lives apart, to be spent indulging in a lush hotel.

Finding Her Rush. Henry doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong when it comes to the bedroom. Even though his girlfriend, Alison, says she enjoys having sex with him, she lacks the enthusiasm behind those words. Alison’s enthusiasm comes out in other ways: lively conversations, fun dinners, and dancing in a club. And Henry is too timid to come right out and ask the reason behind this change. But then, Alison takes Henry on a trip that changes everything in his search for answers.

Nurse House Call. Mr. Wombly is a donor at a sperm bank to earn extra cash, since he doesn’t have a full-time job and is working odd jobs to make ends meet. Rachel and Beverly are two staffers at the sperm bank who are impressed with the volume of his donation, but question if he’s actually offering fresh donations or, for some reason, is sneaking older donations and adding to his fresh stuff. So they barge in on him during one of his appointments to see for themselves. After they have some sexy fun with Mr. Wombly, is just one time enough for the two hot staffers?

Steakhouse Love. Where the steaks are thick and juicy. The ambiance is romantic. Yes, passion is in the steakhouse tonight. This story follows three couples as they dine in a steakhouse and act on their lust in different ways. Two of the couples pull off wickedly fun activities in the steakhouse itself, while the third couple carries their passion back to their hotel.

The Old Ball Game. As the closing pitcher in baseball, you’ve got to have intense concentration to get strikeouts and close down the game with your team winning. So it doesn’t help with a fan behind home plate flashes her breast at you. Joe complains to his manager about the fan interference, and that gets Ashley in hot water with the stadium’s head of security, Leo Mackey. But Ashley denies it all — as does her good friend, Lynn, who sat next to Ashley in the game. And when Joe is brought to Leo Mackey’s office, they argue about if the flashing even happened. That’s when things get sexy.

Peep Show. Jason promised his girlfriend, Carla, a surprise tonight, and he delivers with something she didn’t expect. Carla’s dressed up for a sexy night out, and she soaks in all the attention she gets as they hop through three bars to lubricate before they reach Jason’s surprise: a sex shop. When the couple enters a booth in the back of the shop, it’s the peep show that grabs a firm hold of Carla’s attention…. but she gives it right back as she follows Jason’s lead and gets into the sexiness of the place.

Beware the Ides of March. In Shakespeare’s play, it was the warning the soothsayer gave to Julius Caesar. And it’s the warning that Laura receives from her husband, Grant, in a text message. But what does it mean? Laura has no idea, but puts it to the side as she works hard in her office on a Saturday to finish a big job. When she returns home, she finds out what the warning means. How it leads to giving up control, feeling the danger and helplessness of giving into Grant’s commands. And by giving into him, feeling the wondrous heights of pleasure that come with it.

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Happy with a Banana

gorilla in store, by Ian Broyles (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Ian Broyles (Flickr, Creative Commons)

The store is filled with sodas and rice and noodles in all kinds of shapes and loads of packaged foods with additives you can’t even pronounce, let alone know what they hell they actually are.

Forget all that. Give him fruit. Give him bright oranges and juicy pineapples and mangoes with colors of blending red-yellow-green that’re so beautiful you’re captivated by the look of them, and then, when you actually eat a bite, you fall to the floor in astonishment, and you have to eat the rest of the mango down there — because you dare not try to eat it while standing on trembling, unsteady legs.

But let’s skip that for today. Today, he’ll just have a banana, thank you very much. He’ll sit on the floor and peel away the yellow gift wrapping and smile because he’s happy.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


Crossing the Bridge of Love

During a break in writing, I went through my archives and found a couple of very short stories that I’m going to post today and tomorrow. It’s in the hopes of entertaining you … and I’m building up to the weekend, when I’m offering a lot of my e-books on Amazon for free. Yep, free. It’s a way to celebrate August, the month I love so much that I chose it for my pen name. And it’s nice to spread some free stories :)

Smurf on bridge, by Jean-François CAUCHE (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Jean-François CAUCHE (Flickr, Creative Commons)

The Smurf smiled at the couples on the “Locks of Love” bridge as he crossed it over the Seine.

All of these couples hugged and kissed and took photos, as they snapped their locks shut on the bridge, and they tossed the keys into the river below. It was all very romantic, and he enjoyed their celebrations of their love.

His time would come. He knew it in his bones. For a while, he thought Smurfette was going to be the one. But she had eyes for someone else. Or, rather, someone elses — as she never could seem to make up her mind. Blame it on the curse of being the only female Smurf, that she had her pick of the litter. Or it was a blessing, depending on your perspective.

Coming to this realization about Smurfette caused the Smurf leave their village and travel the countryside until he came to a train station. It was effortless to sneak on the train without a ticket — nobody could see him. And it was easy to find food, as bits of food fell here and there, and he had plenty of crumbs to choose from.

Like Smurfette had with men.

This being his first time out of the village, the Smurf didn’t know where to go. But after over-hearing lots of conversations, Paris stood out among all of the possible destinations.
The City of Love. There simply was no better place for a Smurf looking for love to go.
So he hopped from train to train until he arrived in the enormous, bustling city. And romance was immediately detectable on the air. It wafted from people walking hand in hand. It emanated from couples sitting at sidewalk cafes and looking into each others’ eyes. It snapped shut on the locks at the bridge.

The Smurf smiled. Here, in the streets of Paris, he would find love.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


Singing Pebbles

pebbles on beach by Ballacorkish (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Ballacorkish (Flickr, Creative Commons)

At first, we were disappointed the beach
didn’t have sand, instead having pebbles
which we worried would hurt our bare feet.
And truly, walking on the pebbles was not as
comfortable as sand.

But our feet grew accustomed to the pebbles
and we discovered how the pebbles sung
at high tide, after a wave was finished crashing,
impatient water slid back to the ocean
taking a moment to course over the small stones
and play a little melody in its race returning sea-ward.

She put a few pebbles on the balcony railing
perhaps to give them a grander view of the ocean
and perhaps to see if the wind — like the waves —
would make them sing. It didn’t, but the
little stones looked bright in the sun, warmed
and no longer made wet over and over again
by the continuous washing of the sea.

We lay in bed at night, waiting for high tide to arrive,
then listening to that beat of the ocean
and the pebbles singing along with it.
A wondrous soothing lullaby —
repeated then at dawn, as if
the waves and stones could not
wait to greet us with the new day.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


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