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Yielding No More, Round 2


Yielding No More ebook coverLast week, I slipped up with Weekend Writing Warriors and wrote a little stand-alone story instead of including an excerpt from a larger story. This week, I’m rectifying that — and it’s back to my short story, “Yielding No More.”

I guess it’s this winter that refuses to leave that’s making me think of my story of two strangers who meet in a traffic jam caused by a massive snowstorm. One of them — Patrick — has run out of gas and is trying to stay warm, so he asks the driver of another car to come into the car to warm up. Relying on the kindness of a stranger, if you will. An attractive stranger, it turns out. The driver — Ellen — is definitely cautious, but lets her guard down as she warms up to the charming and funny Patrick. And then, they head to the backseat and find a way to heat things up without using the car’s heater. Well, it is erotica, after all…

So here are  8 sentences from this story:

The scene outside appears even more surreal. Maybe because the car’s warm interior feels so real. Heavy snow pelts the traffic jam and entombs cars. The stragglers still stuck out there could be zombies in an apocalyptic horror movie. If only a director would shout “Cut!” into his megaphone so we could congratulate each other on a great scene and hit the caterer’s table for a peppermint cappuccino.

“Thank God you still have gas,” I say. “I ran out awhile ago.”

She nods.

Want a couple more excerpts? Click here, baby.

Want to read the whole story? Head on over to Amazon if you want it for Kindle and at Barnes & Noble for Nook. This ebook costs 99 cents. This story (5,073 words) is erotic, so it’s intended for adult readers only who are 18 years old and up.

Also, this story is included in my collection, Orpheus Rising: Erotic Stories of Hooking Up, along with 5 other stories. Also available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. At $2.99, you’ll save some cash rather than buying all the stories individually.


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13 thoughts on “Yielding No More, Round 2

  1. Great descriptions. I admire the fact this is in present tense narration. You’ve done well!


  2. Love the descriptions…a man would think of a zombie movie…and it really make it all clear as to what the scene was like.


  3. I loved the surreal to so real. : )


  4. Timely tale with the winter we’re having! I like the mention of the caterer’s table. Peppermint 🙂


  5. This reminds me of fogging up the windows at the drive-in! (Am I revealing my age here?) I love the premise of this story and can’t wait to read more.


  6. Very appropriate for the current weather! I liked the way the character was thinking, nice “voice”. Terrific snippet!


  7. Very nice setup, and I like the humor. Great eight!


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