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Comfort Level

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Sensual saying: When she feels comfortable enough with you to talk about her fantasies

Word art: “When she feels comfortable enough with you to talk about her fantasies.” Feel free to share this image on Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., but please don’t crop out my blog’s web address at the bottom.

This saying was inspired by a couple of blog posts I read earlier today. The first is Her Sexual Fantasies over at Gentleman and Scoundrel, where 10 fantasies of women are described. They range from the sensual (sex in a tub & on a beach) to the saucy (when someone is watching). A steamy list, especially for a guy to read and discover some things like I did.

The second post is a piece of erotic fiction: Dream over at Kacie’s Kinky Kixxx (home of very hot photos, by the way). It’s a BDSM story from the view of the submissive. One who’s doing it for the first time. It has a tantalizing build-up, step by sexy step, leading to lots of hotness. About waiting and control and obeying.

Erotica is a fantastic way for expressing fantasies, at least that’s what it’s done for me when I write it. Illuminating to write and read. I wish you hot and sexy reading—and writing, if that’s your thing, too.

And I wish you the comfort of open communication to share your fantasies with your lover.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

One thought on “Comfort Level

  1. Thanks for the recs 🙂

    Also, totally ditto to the sentiment of your image and your closing paragraphs.


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