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Front cover of Underwood ebookAnother excerpt for Weekend Writing Warriors!

This time, I’m highlighting my short story “Underwood,” named after the manual typewriters that came before electric typewriters and computers—long before Word was simply a string of letters, and not a word processing software. In this story, a successful author (Katherine) of romance novels has a duel with her typist (Josh) to help her with a scene from the book she’s currently writing.

But more on the story in a second. Let’s get to the 8-sentence excerpt! This comes close to the beginning of the story, before the hot stuff begins:

She talks so quickly that I’m still registering her request and expecting her flood of words to continue. And, sure enough, it does.

“Speak up, my fast-fingered friend. Will you assist me in developing this scene? Acting it out will add the flesh and flash that I need to crumble my block.”

My jaw’s nearly on the floor. Who is this lady? After working with her for two weeks, I’m still sorting her out.

For a little more about this story, here’s the description from its Amazon page:

Passion rages in romance novels, and Katherine has made a living writing best-selling books of adventure and romance. But she’s not a great typist. So she’s hired Josh to type out her stories on an old Underwood manual typewriter. Katherine needs help fleshing out a scene in her new book, so she calls on Josh to role play the sword-fighting scene… and then swords flash swiftly. But when the sword play is done, the author and typist continue the roles of the story, relinquishing to the passion that flames them.

Tempted to read more? This ebook only costs 99 cents, and it’s available at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and Smashwords (you have to click Adult Content in the blue menu bar at the top of the page to view this).

This short story (6,000 words) is a work of erotic fiction meant for mature readers only. The characters in the story are fictional and are all over the age of 18. Model on the cover image is from stock photography and is used for illustrative purposes only—inclusion on the cover is not meant to imply model’s involvement in activities described in this story.

Also, this story is included in my collection, Orpheus Rising: Erotic Stories of Hooking Up, along with 5 other stories. Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords (you need to click Adult Content in the top blue bar so it’s checked to view erotica on this site). At $2.99, you’ll save some cash rather than buying all the stories individually.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

9 thoughts on “Underwood

  1. Sounds like the sort of woman who just won’t be sorted…


  2. Love the dialog, really snappy. Definitely want to read more of this story! Great snippet!


  3. I’m already loving this story! I love the title too.


  4. Every day I’m so grateful to have a computer and not a typewriter – I wasted reams of paper back then and can’t imagine writing a book on one!


  5. Hmmm. It seems as though he may be able to assist in “crumbling her block”. Great snippet. 😀


  6. I’ll bet this is a good read


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