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Awesome Video: Strangers Making Out

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Found this post over at The Undie Drawer, of a project where strangers meeting for the first time are asked to kiss, and they really get into it. A video shows this lovely transition. Since I watched “Masters of Sex” last autumn, this makes me wonder: Did Masters and Johnson witness this transition, but with sex rather than just kissing?

The Undie Drawer

One of the most awkward moments when you go on a date, or first start hanging out with someone, or start flirting and chatting with somebody at a party, is the build-up to that first kiss. You’re not sure who’s going to initiate it.  Will it be good?  Will it change the dynamic?  And if it sucks, is that something that you can get over?  And then, all of a sudden, the exact proper situation presents itself and all of a sudden you’re smooching the other person, and completely in that moment, unaware of what’s going around you and hyper-aware of what’s physically going on right at that second.

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