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Steakhouse Love


Steakhouse Love ebook coverTime for another excerpt from one of my ebooks for sale, and this time I’m highlighting my short story, “Steakhouse Love.” It’s where the steaks are thick and juicy. The ambiance is romantic. Yes, dear reader, passion is in the steakhouse tonight.

First, a little background to the plot: This story follows three couples as they dine in a steakhouse and act on their lust in different ways. Two of the couples pull off wickedly fun activities in the steakhouse itself, while the third couple carries their passion back to their hotel. True to the cover of the story, one couple (Joy and Jason) slips into the ladies room for some adventurous fellatio. The other couple (Malcolm and Samantha), just as adventurous, gets frisky right at their table in the restaurant as Malcolm stealthily slides his fingers into her and gives her pleasure while others around them keep eating their dinners. Margaret does pick up on the sexiness afoot (and ahand), and it inspires her to fire up the passion with her husband, Hank.

Now for an excerpt in the beginning:

Gaze below the dark wood beams that form the low ceiling. Gaze below the sepia-toned photographs of severe-looking men with thick beards and flamboyant moustaches. Now look. There, on the tables. Small candles with tiny flames dancing sensually—much like strippers, don’t you think? Do you see those square white plates? What do you see on them? Filets. Porterhouses. Rib eyes. Lamb chops. Chicken breasts. Lobster tails. Salmon steaks. The place is a cathedral for meat. Even the steak fries are described as “thick and rough cut.”

Worshippers praise the meat as being wonderfully juicy. With each bite, they appear to be experiencing orgasms. They close their eyes. They look lost in their own little worlds—far away from the buzz of conversation and tinkling of silverware and wine glasses. After they swallow and finally open their eyes, they return to reality with an expression of utter satisfaction. Then they take another bite. And the cycle repeats.

And another excerpt, a meatier one, later on in the story:

She delivers another bite of her petite filet to her man. “Eat it up, Mr. Handjob.”

“Mr. Handjob?” Malcolm asks around his steak. “I thought you didn’t like that term.”

“I’m not the biggest fan, but it kinda fits here. It’s so… wicked.”

He grins. “Good word for it.”

“Eat it up, baby, eat it up.”

All you fuckers can eat it up, too. Eat your food and talk and don’t look under our table. Bare-ass chick getting a handjob over here.

The crowd’s buzzing surrounds them. Malcolm leisurely continues, alternating smooth strokes with dancing fingers. Samantha continues the feeding parade with forkfuls of filet, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes. Other customers yak about the weekend, their lives, the weather, and whatever else comes to mind. The naughty couple keeps their ears tuned like radars to hear any comments about them. But the chatter seems normal. Simply the world continuing to spin around them.

“Steakhouse Love” is a work of erotic fiction, contains 12,069 words, and is intended for adult readers 18 years and older. All characters in the story are over the age of 18.

Rush on over to Amazon if you wanna get this for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, or Smashwords (you may need to click Adult Content in the blue menu bar up top to view). It’ll set you back just 99 cents.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

5 thoughts on “Steakhouse Love

  1. MmmHmm I’m not sure if I’m more aroused by the food or the sexy story ~GRIN~


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