August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

Names Change


It’s a tower, she says
as her two fingertips tiptoe up my shaft
as if slowly ascending a staircase
Right to the top, the tip-a-tee top
Her one fingertip swirling around the top,
So tall this tower, look at the view from up here.
She frowns.

No, it’s a pole, a tall pole
Her thumb and forefinger hug my shaft,
their tips meeting to encircle my dick
and this circle slides down the length of it.
Then back up and back down again.

No, it’s a popsicle
She licks it,
just the tip of her tongue tickling and twisting
here and there,
and a few times more.
A beefy popsicle
Then more of her tongue against me,
starting low and sliding slowly up.
Again and again,
licking and licking.

No, it’s a sausage, big and meaty,
She opens her mouth,
encloses me in the moistness of it
and closes her lips against my skin,
sliding those lips up and down,
I love how it fills my mouth
and how it feels in my mouth
and how it tastes so good

She sucks and sucks and sucks.

No, it’s a throat swab at the doctor’s office to check the back of my throat,
make sure I’m okay down there.

She deep throats meβ€”
How’s it look in there, doctor?
Wonderful, I groan. Everything’s healthy. Pink and healthy.
Mmm, just like you. Pink and healthy.
This cock. This beautiful cock.
Veiny, bumpy, smooth, skin’s so soft, but it’s hard as a rock,
a cock, a cock, a cock, my God what a fucking hot cock.
I’m going to eat it all up.

She sucks and sucks, a wonderful journey
Along my tower and pole and popsicle
and sausage and throat swab,
backing up as my groans escalate,
gripping my cock with her hand, sliding it up and down
her other hand gently squeezes my balls.
My come spurts out, pounds with flashes of cream,
over and over the spurts fly.
She smiles.
No, it’s a volcano.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

6 thoughts on “Names Change

  1. Wow


  2. Kudos— very steamy and erotic !


  3. i’ve done this! get out of my head!


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