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Redhead Love


Sexy Saying; "When you discover she's a natural redhead."Sexy Saying; “When you discover she’s a natural redhead.”

It’s a day to celebrate redheads!

Yes, yes, not all redheads are Irish. Many are Scottish and Welsh, among many other heritages. Wikipedia has an interesting article on red hair around the world, including it being “fairly common amongst the Ashkenazi Jewish populations,” as well as its frequency being “especially significant among the Riffians from Morocco and Kabyles from Algeria.” So red hair is found well beyond Ireland.

But enough with background! Let’s get into some links that showcase the beauty of gingers. Of course, as with anything, you’ll find a multitude of websites out there for this. Below are just some of them. I decided not to include pics from them on my blog post, as I wanted my word art above to spark your imagination. The sites below will deliver more visuals for your hungry eyes.

The best I ran across was For Redheads Tumblr. It’s because this tumblr widens the scope beyond pics of sexy ladies to more things red. There are men (great beards here), pin-up illustrations, paintings, GIFs of pop culture. From Shaun White to mermaid to Lucille Ball (the original redheaded modern woman?) to Madeleine (yes, that Madeleine of kid’s picture books) to Walter White/Bryan Cranston to beautiful women. This site is a study of gingers, certainly a gem.

Actually, maybe the best is a tie—considering the author of that Tumblr also has a Pinterest page. Over at Max Shimasu’s Pinterest Boards, you’ll find loads of categories for different boards here, including art, music, freckles, Harry Potter, pin-ups, and specific people like David Bowie, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone. Lots to be found here, nicely divided into categories to jump to what you like. A lot of work was put into this.

Other Tumblrs:

  • Beautiful Redheads: Unlike the first Tumblr, this one focuses just on the ladies.
  • Fiery Redheads: A NSFW site that shows you the ladies in various states of undress. Not a hard-core site (that I saw, at least), but one of soft-core nudes.

And then there are the lists, lists, lists—claiming to have the redheads at the top of the beauty scale. A selection:

  • 12 Hottest at Wonderwall: Includes men and women… number 2 is Ewan McGregor (hey, almost my last name!) and number 1 is Christina Hendricks, who sexed up “Mad Men” with her sultry face and voluptuous curves (this website says she’s actually a natural blonde! I had no clue).
  • 10 Hottest at Brosome: Just the women… number 3 is Isla Fisher (think “Wedding Crashers”) number 2 is Barbara Meier (new to me; she won Germany’s “Next Top Model” in the past), and number 1 is, again, Christina Hendricks. Those huge boobs rise her way up to the top. I want to put in a thumbs up to number 8 on this list, Amy Adams, because she looked amazing in “American Hustle,” and did a fantastic job of acting in that flick.
  • 20 Hottest at Heavy: I didn’t recognize these faces or names. Maybe they’re models and not actresses? Number 19 is Nadi Hammouda and number 20 is Christy Hemme (they counted up rather than down).
  • 50 Hottest at Complex: The biggest list here, and the tops here are Lindsay Lohan (number 3; huh??), Cintia Dicker (number 2; a model), and, you guessed it, Christina Hendricks (number 1).

Of course, beauty is a very subjective thing, and one person’s number 1 is way down on someone else’s list. But it was interesting to compare various lists to see what they came up with.

Finally, a smattering of other collections:

  • Chive #1: “Redheads continue to be my favorite addiction (38 Photos)”
  • Chive #2: “If I had one super power it would definitely be the ability to seduce redheads at will (36 Photos)”
  • Chive #3: “Is it ‘Redhead Thursday’ already? (41 Photos)”
  •’s Fiery Redheads Board. Lots n’ lots of sexy and sensual pics here—388 pins when I visited!

Hope these help spread the redhead love!

painting of a curvaceous redheaded woman, "A Study In Curves," by William Merritt Chase

“A Study In Curves,” by William Merritt Chase


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  1. And let’s not forget natural reddish highlights! 🙂


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