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Post-St. Patty’s Day Limericks


After several posts on St. Patty’s Day yesterday, I hope I did a good job of celebrating. Let’s continue today with a fine tradition of Irish poetry, the limerick…

* * * * *

Cute Girl from Derry
There was a cute girl from Derry
whose cunt was exceedingly hairy.
Every week she trimmed
but hopes dimmed
as hair grew even longer from her cherry.

Redhead Love
There once was a fellow named Fred
who wanted to bed every redhead.
Until, like a dove,
he fell in love,
and finally settled down to wed.

Vegan Wife
To his vegan wife, a man did plea
for her to swallow with glee:
“My sperm
has no germ
and yet is organic and cruelty free.”

Trenton Whore
There was an old whore from Trenton
whose crooked box got men bent in.
To straighten a prick
would be another trick,
and a lot more cash you’ll be spendin’.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

2 thoughts on “Post-St. Patty’s Day Limericks

  1. Very cool


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