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National Cleavage Day


Two pairs of breasts in bras, by CP Storm

by CP Storm (Flickr)

I didn’t realize today was a holiday, but upon reading this post from Man Cave Daily, I discovered that today is National Cleavage Day!

I did some searches and also discovered that it’s not a made-up thing just to have an excuse to post lots of pics of barely covered boobs. But then, do websites like The Chive really need an excuse like this to post tit pics? Not when they already have posts like today’s “Things That Bounce Thursday (12 GIFS).” A still from one of them, featuring Rachel Williams (according to commenters at the bottom of the page):

Still from The Chive Things That Bounce Thursday

Still from The Chive’s Things That Bounce Thursday

It turns out that National Cleavage Day was created by Wonderbra back in 2002. I’ll step to the side and let Wikipedia describe it:

Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for Wonderbra, described the event: “It is a day for women to realise that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it.” “It gives women a chance to be beautiful and glow in the furtive, yet appreciative, glances their cleavage evokes from men”. She also explained, “It gives men a legitimate reason to stare at boobs.” [Quote from Wikipedia.]

Of course, there’s a website for the day. It has a great page for “15 Things You Should Know About Breasts,” which includes the titillating facts of the average breast weighs 1.1 pounds, the average breast size in America is 36C, and smoking cigarettes makes your boobs sag (adding to the many reasons not to smoke).

The Huffington Post dove into the fun today with the ability to vote for your favorite pair of tits and the article “Feast Your Eyes On Our Favourite Man Boobs.” Both links are far different than The Chive link, I assure you.


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9 thoughts on “National Cleavage Day

  1. I would rather poke my eyes out with steak knives than have boobs that big and fake, but thats just me, I don’t base my life on how a man views my body. I love my body and my brains for me. Ijs


  2. I didn’t know today was so important in our lives. Thanks for this


  3. And I really did not need to tell you that, yet, I went ahead, and did anyway. I have low impulse control. šŸ™‚


  4. When’s booty day


  5. LOL As far as I’m concerned EVERY DAY is National Cleavage Day! šŸ™‚


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