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Opening Day, Part 1 (of 2)


Happy Opening Day! Baseball’s finally back! Here’s a short story about this big day. Please know that this erotic story is intended for mature readers who are 18 years and older, as it contains explicit descriptions of sex (the characters are older than 18). Also, the story contains serious the theme of being laid off from a job and dealing with unemployment, so it’s not simply about sex and baseball. It stretches into how a couple is dealing with the husband being unemployed. I wanted to give the story a little more depth for the characters.

* * * * *

Opening Day, Part 1

Opening day crackled with electric excitement. A new beginning. A new season dawning, with the promise of a multitude of baseball games in the months ahead. Games nearly every single day, something to look forward to after work’s closing whistle.

However, work’s closing whistle had stopped shrieking months before for Justin, as the words “Have to let you go” grunted out of his boss’s mouth. Words that Justin had never heard before. Words he’d always imagined being said to other people. Not with how hard he worked at his job. But his hard work didn’t matter. Not when the factory was closing and another one was already built in another country. A new life dawning for other people in another land far from Justin’s town.

Thus, a new season dawned for Justin and Michelle. Dealing with his unemployment and anger. Hitting the job fairs. Trolling job websites. Thinking of other careers. Figuring a retail job was better than nothing, but not being offered the two positions for which he had interviewed.

Through it all, Michelle was a rock. Worked even harder to ensure her job was as safe as she could make it. But they’d never consider it completely safe. It wasn’t black and white, like a runner sliding safely onto home plate while the throw from left field arrives way too late.

This opening day was much different than past years. Michelle and Justin wouldn’t take off work to go to the stadium and celebrate the big day in person. This year, it would have to be from their couch. Michelle went into the office early and took a half day off, knowing her boss was okay with it, and the work wasn’t busy any way. Still, she put in some time at the office.

When she returned home, the charcoal grill’s smell met her as she opened the car door and walked to their small house. She grinned, thinking how Justin was cooking much more often since being laid off than he ever had before. A silver lining in the storm cloud of his unemployment.

“Hey babe,” Justin called from the kitchen as she entered the house. “Cuttin’ it awful close, aren’t you? I was afraid you’d be late.”

“Just wrapping stuff up,” she said. “I’ll go change and be right back.”

“Hold on. Lemme see you first.”

Hands on her hips, Michelle smirked at him. He had not seen her that morning, since she had left earlier than usual. But then again, he was usually in bed when she left for work. So, she reminded herself to be patient as she indulged his joy of seeing her in office attire. It was something that hadn’t gotten old. And she hoped it never would.

His eyes drank in her skirt and blouse, then he smiled and said, “Niiice,” stretching out the word.

“You’ve seen this a hundred times,” she replied.

“So what? It’s still hot. And I’m looking forward to seeing it again.”

She sighed, waved him off, and headed for the master bedroom of their single-story house. With her back to Justin, he wasn’t able to see her smile. Nope, it still hadn’t gotten old.

“Hurry up!” Justin called out several minutes later. “You’re gonna miss the first pitch!”

“Okay, okay!” She arrived in the living room, sweat pants and t-shirt, and he appreciated how her boobs jiggled without a bra as she hopped on the couch.

Michelle beamed at the spread on the coffee table before her. Two plates, each with two hot dogs. Grill marks across both the dogs and the buns. Two cans of beer. Bottles of ketchup, mustard, and relish. All but the beer was store brand. Michelle thought it was a perfect meal for baseball and their finances. Hot dogs certainly weren’t going to break their budget. This was a meal that fit right into the ones that they’d been eating since Justin was laid off. A cutting back they’d had to deal with. And she was proud how well they had rolled with it. A challenge met head-on.

“Looks delicious, hon,” she said. “You’re getting pretty good at this housewife thing.”

Justin frowned at her and popped open a can of beer and took a drink, then said, “Just don’t get used to me cleaning the bathrooms.”

As Michelle popped open her beer, she said, “But hon, I like you doing that. It’s better than that first month.”

He nodded, remembering that shitty first month after not him working. Not pretty at all, it was filled with anger and arguments. As much as cleaning bathrooms sucked, it was better than that month.

“And it’s kinda sexy,” Michelle added with a grin. She raised her beer. “To us. To keeping strong.”

He nodded, loving her. “To keeping strong,” he said and tapped his beer can against hers and took a drink.

On the TV, the crowd cheered.

“We missed the first pitch,” she said. “Sorry about that.”

“Who cares?” Justin asked. “We’ve got the rest of the game. To baseball.”

“Fuck yeah,” she replied and toasted baseball with another drink of the cheap beer.

They settled back on the couch, enjoying the game and the hot dogs and the beer. Seeing the game on TV paled in comparison to seeing the game live. They missed the excitement of being in the stadium, of being surrounded by all those fans who were as thrilled as they were for the game. Because this wasn’t just any game. This was the first game. The game that started another season off. It was special. Like the post-season games, but in a different way. Those games were the rush of the race to the end. Opening day’s game was taking that first step on the journey they had looked forward to all winter.

Even though they watched the game on a screen, it was still fun. After all, this was how they watched most games. Even back when both of them had jobs, they couldn’t afford season’s tickets and going to all the home games. Hardly. They had gone to as many as they could afford, though. Which was going to be none this season. But at least they still had the house. At least they had the games on TV. At least they had each other.

And with each other, they cheered the great plays and groaned when their players struck out or when a promising sky-high hit stopped short of the home run fence and was snagged in the glove of the opponent. They certainly had each other, and the enjoyment of the game over beer and grilled hot dogs.

Michelle, still chewing, held up her second hot dog and said, “Now, these are better than at the stadium. They just cook ’em in those oven things that you can see ’em through the glass as they’re lazily turning over and over.”

“They taste good for being part of the place. But doesn’t mean they’re cooked right.”

“Yep,” she agreed.

He watched her for a second before saying, “It’s pretty hot looking at you eat a hot dog, you know that?”

To be continued tomorrow…


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7 thoughts on “Opening Day, Part 1 (of 2)

  1. I haven’t read it yet — but erotica and baseball??? Yes, PLEASE!!!


  2. Loved reading this as I sit watching the Nationals vs. Mets on TV, no beer and no hot dog.


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