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Steakhouse Love, Excerpt 3


Once more, I’m featuring my short story “Steakhouse Love” for Weekend Writing Warriors, where you can find many other writers who also include snippets from their published stories or a work in writing.

Before I show a snippet from my short story, please know that it is a work of erotic fiction, and it intended for adult readers who are 18 years and older. All characters in the story are over the age of 18, and the story includes explicit descriptions of sex.

Now for the snippet (the first paragraph is a thought of one of the several characters):

All you fuckers can eat it up, too. Eat your food and talk and don’t look under our table—bare-ass chick getting a handjob over here.

The crowd’s buzzing surrounds them. Malcolm leisurely continues, alternating smooth strokes with dancing fingers. Samantha continues the feeding parade with forkfuls of filet, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes. Other customers yak about the weekend, their lives, the weather, and whatever else comes to mind. The naughty couple keeps their ears tuned like radars to hear any comments about them. But the chatter seems normal; simply the world continuing to spin around them.

Want more excerpts? There’s a couple at my first blog post about this story, followed another excerpt in my second post.

Steakhouse Love ebook coverThen, to give you more of an overall description about the story: It follows three couples as they dine in a steakhouse and act on their lust in different ways. Two of the couples pull off wickedly fun activities in the steakhouse itself, while the third couple carries their passion back to their hotel. True to the cover of the story, one couple (Joy and Jason) slips into the ladies room for some adventurous fellatio. The other couple (Malcolm and Samantha), just as adventurous, gets frisky right at their table in the restaurant as Malcolm stealthily slides his fingers into her and gives her pleasure while others around them keep eating their dinners. Margaret does pick up on the sexiness afoot (and ahand), and it inspires her to fire up the passion with her husband, Hank.

If you’d like to read the entire story, head on over to Amazon if you wanna get this for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, or Smashwords (you may need to click Adult Content in the blue menu bar up top to view). Each Ebook costs 99 cents. Sexy fiction for less than a buck!

“Steakhouse Love” is a work of erotic fiction, and it contains 12,069 words.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

7 thoughts on “Steakhouse Love, Excerpt 3

  1. You certainly are, august. Who ever thought dining on filet mignon would bring on more interesting appetites. Well, truth is, I have. Thanks for the sizzling post.


  2. I don’t know how they can concentrate on other people with what they are doing…hard to think when in the throes : )


  3. Love this sexy excerpt. I’m curious about how Samantha is going to mask her climax. That will definitely be worth reading!


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