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Juicy Steaks


Following my post about my short story “Steakhouse Love,” I figured that I’ve got to also post some photos of steaks. To me, their sensuality is tremendous: the smell of them cooking, the sight of them on the grill and your plate, the taste in your mouth as you chew on it. I certainly enjoy a good steak, and I’ve seen people seem to nearly faint as a juicy steak gets set down in front of them and they dig in. So it’s in this mood that I share these photos with you, taken from Flickr, and are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. In the hopes that I’m sharing not only the sensuality of food with you, but sharing the wonderful talent of these photographers. Click on each pic to jump to their Flickr pages.

Steak by waferboard

by waferboard

Steak by RobertsDonovan

by RobertsDonovan

Steak by larryjh1234

by larryjh1234

Steak by adactio

by adactio


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6 thoughts on “Juicy Steaks

  1. Yum, I like mushrooms and onions with it, too. Now I’m hungry!


  2. There simply isn’t anything sexier than a juicy steak. Though Kate Upton’s boobs come a very close second 😉


  3. Oh, my … yum. I’m drooling. Thanks.


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