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The City of Light


In having a blog that celebrates sensuality, sex, and love, what better place to showcase than Paris? In this month, the City of Light comes to mind with that love song to the city: “April in Paris.” (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version—oh man, these two musicians are classy and classic.) I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve definitely enjoyed seeing it in movies, such as Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” A beautiful montage of the city in the beginning of the film, and the movie’s about fantasizing about a golden age there, reminding me of fantasizing of simply being in the city. A lovely movie. And, with websites, we can take a virtual vacation there. I found loads of pictures of Paris on Flickr, and I’m including the ones below that were marked with the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. The city is so gorgeous that I’m sure I’ll have other posts of pics there. But for today, let’s first take a poetic, night-time stroll through the City of Light, and then a pictorial walk.

* * * * *

City of Light

The City of Light,
Bejeweled and dressed up
At night like a beautiful woman
Going for an evening out.
Just as you pair a meal
With the perfect wine,
She fits you so well,
Hand in hand,
As you walk these city streets,
Across bridges spanning the Seine,
Down narrow streets lit up
By cafes where other couples
Eating at the small tables look up
And smile at the sight of you two.
The cafe light fading upwards
On the lovely old buildings,
Whispering histories of Paris,
Whispering of seeing other couples
Walking by just like you two,
But somehow making you feel
Like the city is lit up just for you.
Falling in love even more deeply
In the many steps you’ve walked
Through this city in day and night,
Those steps made side by side
With your love.
Eventually those steps stopping,
As you bask in the light of each other.

Eiffel Tower in Paris by agaw.dilim

Eiffel Tower by agaw.dilim

Notre Dame in Paris by wlappe

Notre Dame by wlappe

Louvre in Paris by wlappe

Louvre by wlappe

Moulin Rouge in Paris by Moyan_Brenn

Moulin Rouge by Moyan_Brenn


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3 thoughts on “The City of Light

  1. A wonderful tribute to Paris, in both word and photos. Also, “April in Paris” happens to be one of my favorite duets by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Those are two of my favorite Jazz musicians, thanks for including it.


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