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The Tulip Field

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A quickie for you today, continuing on this theme of the sensuality of flowers.

* * * * *

The Tulip Field

Rows and rows of tulips stretched on, the plump bulbs in bright riots of color: sumptuous red, soft pink, sunny yellow, and vibrant orange mixed with yellow.

But those were just the beginning. Purples burst in another group of tulips; white ones with feathered tops decorated another. The colors of all these flowers were wondrous, sensual, mind-blowing. Multitudes of the tulips covered the rolling lawns of the public gardens. Visitors walked slowly along path that curved through the lawns, and the visitors gaped at the glorious sight, pointing out their favorite colors.

“Gorgeous,” Lacy said in a soft breath out.

Rachel smiled at her friend, saying, “Told you it was something you couldn’t miss.”

“How is it that this has been here and I never knew about it?”

Rachel turned back to gaze upon the wonder of the tulips. “Oh, I told you about it last year. You just didn’t find time to come out here with me.”

“Now I’m regretting that.”

Another smile played at Rachel’s lips. “As you should. This is something you shouldn’t miss. I’ve been coming here for years. Sometimes I get lucky and someone comes with me. But mostly, I come alone.”

Lacy gave her a look with the corner of her lips tighter. “That’s such a shame.”

Rachel shrugged. “It’s okay. Sometimes, you’ve just got to do it yourself.”

“Oh, I know. But something like this should be shared.”

“Totally agree.”

“I mean, just look at the colors.” Lacy smoothed down her skirt and lowered to sit on her hip, with her legs tucked to the side of her.

Rachel followed suit, sitting next to her as her light brown hair gently swished in the slight breeze.

“This red,” Lacy said, “it’s gorgeous how it swirls with the white. And so smooth. It’s like plastic, it’s so smooth.” Her fingertips glided along the thick petals on the tulip’s bulb.

“Mmm-hmm,” Rachel replied. “Feel the others. They’re all different. Some even have scents. Not all, though.”

“Yeah, that’s too bad.”

“Oh, I feel like they have other… things to offer. Like this purple one. Feel this one. It’s almost like velvet.”

Lacy took her suggestion. “That is nice. Amazing, isn’t it?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Rachel agreed. “All of it is.”

Rachel watched her as she marveled over the touch of the flowers close to them, as well as the details they could see now they were closer to them.

“So beautiful and sensual,” Rachel said.

“Oh, yes,” Lacy softly said.

“Does it make you want to fuck?”

Lacy’s head whipped to the side, her eyebrows frowning at Rachel. “What?”

A chuckle rolled out of Rachel. “Oh, c’mon. You can’t tell me that you’re not horny from all these.” Her fingers slid up a deep red bulb. “All these phallic-shaped flowers. You can’t tell me that you’re not thinking about it.”

Lacy’s frown eased. “Well, they are sensual. Like you said.”

“Of course. And the warmth of spring. Gets you in the mood right quick, doesn’t it?”

“Well, yeah, sure.” Lacy gazed again at the crowd of tulips, now thinking of them as a crowd of cocks all standing up at attention. For her. Like a salute of a phalanx of naked soldiers, all saluting her sexiness. It was a wild vision, one that usually would’ve made her giggle. But she didn’t giggle now.

Then something occurred to her. She looked again, frowning, at Rachel, and said, “Wait. Why are you asking me this? It’s not like I have a boyfriend to go to now.”

“Neither do I.”

“So, what’s up with the questioning?”

“Because we don’t need a man right now.” Rachel smiled warmly. “We can have our own fun.”

Lacy’s frown stayed put as she stared at Rachel, trying to figure out this invitation from her good friend of many years. Never before had Rachel said something like this. Sure, Rachel had pinched her butt several times and had once grabbed her boobs when she had hugged her from behind. But those were during times they were both tipsy with wine or booze and were just playing around. Or was she just playing around?

Rachel’s hand rested on the sun-warmed skin of Lacy’s thigh. Lacy gasped, and a thrill danced up her at the warmth of this touch.

“We don’t need a boyfriend today,” Rachel said in a low voice. “They’d get in the way.”

“Um,” Lacy said, her brain still registering this.

“Have you ever had a dildo inside you while your clitoris was licked?” Rachel said.

That broke the spell. “What?” Lacy looked to the left and right, checking to see if anyone was nearby enough to hear them. Thankfully, no one was. “Keep your voice down.”

A mischievous cat smile teased at Rachel’s lips. “It is down.” Her tongue broke through between her glossy pink lips, liking across the lips as if they were dry. “You were just surprised by the question. Which you did not answer.”

Lacy cleared her throat and said, “No, um, no I didn’t. And I, um, haven’t. No, I haven’t.”

“Good. Have you ever had anal beads in you with a vibrator on your pussy and your boobs being sucked?”

Lacy hesitated, shocked, her eyes wider and her mouth open lower. The vision of this happening played in her head.

The cat smile deepened on Rachel’s lips. “I’ll take that as a no.” Her eyes locked onto Lacy’s. “I have lots of toys back at my apartment. I want to use them on you. And I want you to use them on me.”

Tingles inside Lacy helped overcome the shock as the excitement of these words inspired sexy pictures in Lacy’s imagination.

“Yes,” she finally said in a whisper. “Yes.”

Rachel stood up, her face clearly pleased about this answer. She extended her hand down toward the still-sitting Lacy. “Then let’s walk around some more. This is like foreplay to me.”

Lacy nodded, taking the offered hand and stood, ending up scant inches in front of her future lover. She smiled at Rachel.

“C’mon, babe,” Rachel said, her hand on Lacy’s shoulder, nudging her to pivot to the side, and then sliding down to her lower back as they were now side by side and walking on the path again.

A gentle breeze played with the tulips, and they wavered slightly, as if all waving in unison to Lacy and Rachel strolling next to them, and were cheering for the excitement shown in Lacy’s hot, flushed cheeks.



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