August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

Maid Marian’s Missions: Excerpt 3

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She told herself to relax. Her hand slid below the water and touched her womanhood. It had felt dazzling last night, so why not a return trip? What better place to do it than this? Robin was missing from her side last night, and he was woefully unconscious now. She’d just have to take matters into her own hands again. They were much more dependable than these irksome men.

She was well on her way to rapture when the sound of cracking sticks halted her hand. Her body froze to alertness like it had done this morning, when she had been eating breakfast and heard Robin approach. But now, she felt much more vulnerable. She wasn’t hidden away in a secret spot; she was naked and in the open. Her mind raced through places to hide. Outside of the pool, where she was, seemed a foolish place to stay.

Behind the waterfall. A small space was there. Enough to fit her head so she could breathe. The rest of her body would be submerged. It wasn’t perfect, but it would have to do. The falling water became a roar when her face was directly behind it.

Robin! Oh Goddess, he’s out there. Sleeping and unawares. Even more vulnerable than me. He’ll be caught. Please don’t be a guard. Or the sheriff. The sheriff would be horrible to Robin. Please, oh please, don’t be the sheriff.

Her heart pounded as she watched a dark figure approach the fire, next to which Robin slept. Through the rippling window of the waterfall, Marian could make out brown robes and a basket.

* * * * *

Maid Marian's Mission ebook coverThis excerpt is from my short story “Maid Marian’s Missions,” and this ebook is available FREE through Sunday at Smashwords. If you’d rather get it from Amazon, it’s available there for the Kindle (at $1.29). And it’s also available at Barnes & Noble for the Nook (at $1.29). In this story, you’ll find group sex, one-on-one sex, a saucy limerick, a daring escape, lively arguments, appreciation of the natural world, and wonderful orgasms. This short story (15,124 words) is a work of erotic fiction meant for mature readers only who are aged 18 years and older.


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