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Maid Marian’s Missions: Last Day Free!

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One last excerpt from my short story, “Maid Marian’s Missions.” Since this is erotica, it is intended for readers aged 18 years and older. Today is the last day you can get this ebook for FREE! It’s available at Smashwords.

* * * * *

Truly, this was a grand Maypole. Not towering to the sky like the poles she had encircled on past May Days. Tuck had turned the phallic pole into flesh. Hard, warm flesh. No longer was the symbol of spring merely a symbol. Now it was as real as the sun, and it stuck so far up her well-loved cunt that it felt like it touched her tummy.

She imagined Tuck’s cock in place of the Maypole on the field next to Nottingham. Villagers skipped around it with their ribbons in hand. With each person encircling the pole, more and more ribbons gave it stripes. Then, somehow, Marian turned into a giantess crashing through the trees. Upon seeing her, the villagers screamed and dropped their ribbons and fled the field, leaving her alone with the immense cock. So she could sit on it, feel its glorious warm pleasure, and ride it to the moon.


What? Robin? How did he get here?

When Robin repeated her name, the fantasy vanished. Here. Now. On the other side of the stream. There he stood. Mouth agape. Eyes as big as the wooden platters at the castle feast. Hair tousled from sleep.

Marian froze. Made no effort to cover herself, like she had done when Tuck had entered the pool and she had burst up on the other side of the waterfall. Just as with that time, she was now as naked as could be possible. But, unlike that time, she was now riding astride a man with his cock deep inside her.

“Robin!” Tuck called. “You’re awake, my good lad. Best mind the bees. They might fly into your mouth hanging open like that.”

* * * * *

Maid Marian's Mission ebook coverThis excerpt is from my short story “Maid Marian’s Missions,” and this ebook is available FREE until tomorrow at Smashwords. If you’d rather get it from Amazon, it’s available there for the Kindle (at $1.29). And it’s also available at Barnes & Noble for the Nook (at $1.29). In this story, you’ll find group sex, one-on-one sex, a saucy limerick, a daring escape, lively arguments, appreciation of the natural world, and wonderful orgasms. This short story (15,124 words) is a work of erotic fiction meant for mature readers only who are aged 18 years and older.


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