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Tom Gallant

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An sumptuous blending of erotic photos into collage art. It caught my eye, and wanted to share.

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Tom Gallant’s work has the headline grabbing use of pornography as art to fetch many a viewer. (I was intrigued myself.) There is an interesting interview with him about this topic in Glass magazine. I think that by definition one could say that art and pornography cannot be the same thing. It raises controversy where no argument exists. And in Tom Gallant’s case his lovely work is more like lace than print. One could look at his pieces and not even notice anything provocative about them.

TomGallant1TomGallant2TomGallant3TomGallant4Tom Gallant1Tom Gallant2Tom Gallant3Tom Gallant4Tom Gallant5Tom Gallant6Tom_Gallant_BiopicTom_Gallant_Paper_Cutting_Art_08Tom-Gallant-Close-Up

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  1. Oh my. That’s cool


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