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Unzip (Part 4)


[This is erotic fiction meant for mature readers only.
Previous parts of this story: part 1, part 2, and part 3.]

Rodrick takes a step backward, lengthening the distance between them. She immediately misses the stronger heat and smell of him. His head turns to the side and nods. Pointing to something.

“Lie down on that table,” he says.

It’s a table against the wall, a part of the wall that’s not covered by packed bookshelves. It’s a solid, heavy-looking table. Made of dark wood, it fits perfectly with the other parts of the den. The only thing on top of it is a large book that’s opened.

Grace turns and walks to the table, seeing that the open book looks to be an encyclopedia. The type that comes in a large set of encyclopedia. The type not used as much these days due to researchers seeking information on the Internet. The book speaks of an older world. A world where life moved slower. A world where things were savored instead of rushed.

The book is, inexplicably, opened to an entry for someone named Lanzo Kahler. There are two intricate illustrations breaking up the dense text. One is a man with a stern face and full beard. A man used to being in charge. The other illustration is of a castle, looking strong and proud, with mountains in the background. She is about to ask Rodrick why he was reading about this particular man, but she stops herself. A little question like that tossed into the air would ruin the moment. He would certainly not approve of a detour to explain Lanzo Kahler to her. Lanzo Kahler has no place in this delicious moment.

“Do not move the book,” he says, probably because she has paused in front of it, and he thinks she might close it and place it on a shelf. “Lie down.”

It’s the easier way to go, as the book would be heavy, and Grace has no idea where it belongs on the many shelves. So she hoists her left leg on the table and pushes her whole body upon it. As she lies back, the top of her head touches the book.

Rodrick is standing right there, at the end of the table. Towering above her. Gorgeous in his black suit. His cock pale against the darkness of the trousers. He leans forward, grips her haunches, and slides her body so that her ass is at the edge of the table. She opens her legs wider, inviting him in, wanting so badly to feel that pale cock within her.

It answers her invitation and fulfills her need. Hard warmth fills her. As it does, his face relaxes some. Not a full relaxation of loosening up. But a slight letting go of that hard look. It’s a wonder for her to see, as she wants this. The hardness was exciting, but she also wants to see him enjoy exquisite pleasure. Which she hopes he’s feeling.

He moves inside her in long, fluid strokes. His cock had been good-sized in length and girth, but it feels bigger inside her than it had felt when she held it in her hand. She does not care why this is, since she is much more focused on simply delighting in the feel of this thick cock sliding inside her glowing pussy. As he fucks her, he holds firmly onto her hips, holding her steady for him. She wraps her legs around him, pulling him as closely as possible to her. She does not think about doing this, of waiting for his command to do it. She just does it, as she wants it. His mouth opens, perhaps to reprimand her, but no words come out. Just moans come out as he continues thrusting into her.

He’s a gorgeous vision. Still with his suit on. How she had loved the sight of all the well-dressed men at the party. A weakness of hers. The fantasy of a powerful company owner, an alpha male used to ordering the many workers underneath him as he stands strong in an expensive, tailored suit. But her repertoire of weaknesses also holds studs in other careers, including manual laborer fantasies, of a thickly muscled man with a tool-belt dropping it to the floor with a heavy clunk, and seeing a huge bulge in his work pants smeared with oil.

Grace does not know if Rodrick owns his own company, and it does not matter right now. He seems to be used to ordering people underneath him, due to the ease of telling her what do to. His orders have not been shouted or asked with awkwardness. He has delivered them firmly, as if he knew she would follow. She had followed them, and she is glad she did. For following those orders has led to her to being on this table with her legs wide open and this sumptuous man driving his beautiful cock deep into her.

Sumptuous indeed. His stern expression regains strength. The slight relaxing that he had showed when he entered her has been pushed away. In its place, the hardness in his eyes has actually grown in power. She finds that she can’t look away from his eyes. She can’t look to her left and see the wall that rises up to the frame of a painting, and then up to the ceiling. The gold of the painting’s frame glints in the dim light of the lamp like his pre-come had glinted earlier. She wonders briefly what the painting is, as surely she had seen it when she walked to the table. But she can’t place it. Rather, the illustrations on the page of the huge encyclopedia are the only images that come as guesses as to what the painting could be. Those finely made drawings of bearded Lanzo Kahler and his strongly fortified castle.

Also strongly fortified are Rodrick’s eyes, growing darker, and reminding her of how his cock had somehow grown when it pushed into her. But, then, she tells herself that she might have been mistaken while she was holding it. There were so many other sensations she had been attuned to, of her fingers delighting her clitoris, the musk of him, the breath of him on her flushed breasts and firm nipples, and the crispness of his suit. All had wrestled for her attention, so she might have been mistaken about her estimate of his cock’s size.

But there is no mistake in the darkness of his eyes, the intensity building in them, just as the intensity of his movement builds. His cock now pounding into her, making her gasp with its effort. Rodrick grunting with each shove into her. The table thumps thickly, heavily against the wall. Like the deep thumping of a large drum, its beat steady and relentless. Her head tapping against the encyclopedia behind her. Its another huge thing, fitting right into everything around her. And inside her. His cock feels enormous, even larger than when it first pushed into her. Maybe that’s just how it feels, now shoving into her with its mighty thrusts.

to be continued…


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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