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Too Hot in the Kitchen (Part 2)


[This is erotic fiction meant for mature readers only.
Part 1 of the story was back here.]

After pausing for a long moment, she unbuttoned her shorts and shimmied them down her long, smooth legs. The unnecessary shorts were dropped to the side. “See?” she asked. “You’re not the only one wearing panties around here.”

He looked appreciatively at her nearly nude body. “Now, why would you wear those? You don’t have to worry about getting a hard-on that would embarrass you out in public.”

She shrugged. “Don’t know. Habit, I guess. Or maybe I’d be too turned on if I went commando. I’d never get anything done. Anything besides jumping on you all the time. And we can’t have that, can we?”

“Oh, that sounds so horrible,” Dustin replied.

“I’d wear your ass out.”

“Huh. I’d like to see you try.”

“Just you wait.” Tammy folded her arms in front of her chest again. “But what about dinner?”

“What about it?”

“It’s your turn to cook, and you’re not paying attention to it.” She raised her chin up once, gesturing in the direction of the stovetop, where steam surged out of the pot of boiling water.

“It’s just spaghetti, it can wait.” Dustin reached over and turned off the burner that was heating up the pot. “There. Dinner can wait.”

“Just like me,” Tammy said. “It’s your turn. I took my shorts off, so it’s your turn.”

“But you’ve got two pieces left, and I only have one.”

“So? Life’s not always fair, is it?”

“Yeah, like having a broken AC in a heat wave.”

“But if it was working, would we be doing this?”

“Hmm. Maybe not. Or maybe we’d still be doing it, but we’d be more comfortable.”

She tipped her head down again, pointed at his crotch. “That doesn’t look all that comfortable. Curled up like that.”

“Not at all.” Dustin stretched the waistband of his boxer briefs out in front of his erection and pushed the briefs down, then stepped out of them. Relief came from his erection being able to stand unconstrained.

Tammy looked appreciatively at his nude body. “That’s much better. Though I do like the bulging look.”

“Your turn.” Dustin mimicked her by gesturing at her with a head nod. “Let’s see the rest of those clothes vanish.”

She was about to reach behind her to unlatch her bra when an idea struck. “Feed me a noodle first. And not that noodle.” One of her hands slipped out of her folded arms, and she pointed at his erection. “Feed me one of those noodles.” Her pointed finger moved to the pot, where steam still rose, but not in the surging way that it did before.

Dustin was about to argue, but then thought better of it. Might was well play along, he figured. He went over to the pot on the stovetop and was reaching into the pot, his finger about to touch the water, when he realized that the water was still hot, and it would’ve been smarter to use a slotted spoon to pull out a noodle. But that seemed too wussy. It wouldn’t have fit the moment. So his fingers dove into the water, felt the heat, and pulled out a couple of noodles. He held them up, the noodles dangling under his pinched fingertip and thumb, reminding him of a worm he was about to fit onto a fishhook. But this fish was already caught, he thought.

He walked a few steps toward Tammy, his cock poking her stomach, causing her to hum, “Mmm” in reply. He held the noodles up. She opened her mouth wide. He lowered the noodles. Her lips closed, sliding sensually over his forefinger and thumb that were holding the noodles. He didn’t step back while she looked at him in the eyes and chewed. His cock pushing against her stomach was an impatient pressure both of them heard very loudly.

“Still too hard,” she finally said after swallowing. “They need to cook some more. Why don’t you put the lid on? It’ll keep it hotter in there.”

He thought about saying “Fuck it” and kissing her instead and get right into sex. But the moment tasted too delicious to break it like that. So, he backed up and put the lid on the pot of noodles.

“I still need to heat up the tomato sauce,” he said, the noodle dinner still on part of his brain.

“Uh-uh. No sauce. We can eat the noodles with some cheese. When we’re all done, though.”

He nodded. “I like your thinking.”

“Of course you do.” She unlatched her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. “You married me, didn’t you?”

His eyes ate up her breasts. “I sure did.” He wanted so much to go over there and eat them with more than his eyes, but he stood still. The moment was still too delicious to stop just yet and jump into the fucking portion of the evening that teased so closely. He said, “I’m all done, and you’ve got one more piece left. It’s still your turn.”

“Does that make me the winner?” she asked. “Since I’m the last one wearing clothes?”

His eyes were still eating her as he replied, “Seems to me that I’ve won.”

She sighed, but she couldn’t help but smile from his naked compliment. “Okay, fine.” She pushed one side of her panties down a little bit, then paused, then pushed down the other side a little bit. This last piece of clothing was the slowest to be removed, with her hands shimmying down her underwear in a hip swishing slow dance. Her forefinger twirled the pink panties like a lasso in a few spins, with his eyes now staring at them instead of on her naked body. She let her panties loose, and it flew at him. He caught it easily, but she wished that it had hit him in the face. Would’ve been more fun that way. But no matter, the moment was fun anyway.

Dustin was on her. Kissing her in a strong, hard kiss while his cock pushed against her belly again. She went with the kiss, loving the feeling of his lips, the impatient shove of his cock, the heat and smell coming off of him. Her hands on his chest, feeling the hard muscles. Her lips pushed back at him, not simply submitting to him.

to be continued…


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

8 thoughts on “Too Hot in the Kitchen (Part 2)

  1. Very good,


  2. Man! This “to be continued” sh*t is for the birds! Very nice! I’m enjoying this story!


    • So glad you like the story! I love hearing feedback like that. Sorry about the continuations… I was still finishing the end of the story. And I wonder if some readers would’ve been turned off by the length of the story if all of it was in one post. A blog post is not an ebook…


      • I understand where your coming from! I started a “story” and had I continue it also… Even the first bit is long! Question: how to you give the link back to the previous parts of the story?


      • You add in an “href” link (see: In this example, the link is “resumepage.html.” You just need to copy the URL of the web page for the previous part of your story and paste it inside the quote marks, so the “href” link is pointing to the URL of the previous part of your story. Good luck!


  3. Things are definitely heating up, and now I am in the mood for some pasta. 🙂


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