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[After I wrote a story of a couple getting hot in the kitchen, Wet Bliss (who writes very sexy posts, by the way) threw out a suggestion of moving from the kitchen to the woods. So let’s get outside for some fresh air. Please know that this is erotic fiction meant for mature readers only.]

It was one of those times that she didn’t want to end. A break from the realities of work and other responsibilities. A break to embrace living and to love, a break to hold onto as tightly as she could. But even with that tight hold, it would eventually end.

Knowing that the break would end made Kiera enjoy it all the much more. Her sun-soaked face brightened at the view of the valley before them, and she shone so brightly that her face could’ve been a second sun.

Her loins still throbbed with the orgasm and the deep thrusting of Robert’s cock. Or, rather, her thrusting down on his cock, since she had ridden on top of him, like a cowgirl riding on a horse that somehow took flight and soared far above the valley, among the clouds. But she and Robert had flown far faster than those thick puffy clouds that lazily drifted by as if they had all the time in the world. Because they did.

After making love, Kiera felt like she also had all the time in the world. All the time to bask in the afterglow of the enormous orgasm when she—inspired by the openness of the valley beyond—had let loose her voice more loudly than she had ever done before. Something about not being trapped in by four walls. Something about the expanse of air that went on forever. Letting loose like that, yelling out with all the force and voice that she had, was relieving. A letting go of stress. A tremendous release. An exaltation of pleasure.

She liked having his come inside of her, mixing with her juices, as she absorbed the view of the valley. It felt natural. A combining of male and female, a joy of two people, a making of love. A creating love. A joy of love.

Kiera and Robert had come here to do just that. That morning, each of them had called into work and claimed they were sick, that something they had eaten in a seafood restaurant the night before had done a number on them. It was a story their bosses commiserated with, said they were sorry to hear it, and told them to rest up and come back tomorrow.

It was a story that Kiera and Robert had giggled over after hanging up with their bosses. Everyone has had an experience with a nasty stomach bug, and had spent painful hours dealing with it. A great excuse for not going into work.

And it was a perfect day for going out to the woods. Going to a hiking trail that was crowded on the weekends, but barely anyone was there on week days. With the freedom from not going into work, Kiera and Robert could enjoy that.

They packed a lunch of prosciutto, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, a loaf of crusty Italian bread, olives, and a red wine on the light, fruity side. A couple of water bottles to keep them hydrated. And a couple of peaches to end the meal.

Their hopes of avoiding crowds were fulfilled when they pulled into the trail head and saw only two cars in the parking lot. They shouldered their backpacks—his with the food and wine, hers with a blanket and water—and started on the trail. Soon, an older couple on their way back to the parking lot said a smiling hello to them. This older couple had come for an earlier walk, and Kiera wondered if this was a daily ritual for them. A beautiful way to spend retirement, walking in nature with your loved one. The memory of the smiling older couple stayed with Kiera as she and Robert walked onwards, deep into the woods. She hoped she and Robert would be doing this when they were older, when they didn’t need to call in sick to work to snatch a free day for themselves.

The air was cool with all the trees creating a shady, leafy ceiling above them. Strong tree trunks stood proudly all around, the woods thick with their beauty. The trail snaked around them, moving up and up in a gentle angle. Then the angle grew, and the trail became more rocky. Which made for slower and more fun going. Instead of simply walking, Kiera and Robert had to also scramble over rocks that jutted out here and there on the trail. Kiera thought about the older couple tackling these rocks, and figured this hike must’ve helped to keep them in good shape. Physically as well as spiritually.

Eventually, all those strong tree trunks ended as the trail reached the edge of the mountain. The hikers stopped to drink water and drink in the view of the valley stretching out in front of them. The mountain they were on sloped dramatically down, and then the valley took over, flattening out, rich with trees, then becoming more of a patchwork of trees, farms, and smaller plots of lands with houses—all divided by roads. A patchwork of nature and people living close to it. Much closer than Kiera and Robert’s home in the suburbs.

The trail followed the edge of the mountain, giving the hikers glorious views of the valley. They continued on the trail until they found a perfect spot that was a bit off the trodden walkway. The spot was secluded from the trail by a towering rock. There was a small flat area where they could lie down or sit and rest their backs against the towering rock that hid them from anyone who might’ve walked by on the hiking trail.

Of course, when Kiera burst out in orgasm, that person would’ve heard her loud and clear. But when the bliss engulfed her, she was beyond caring about that.

When they discovered the hidden spot, they spread the blanket and unpacked their lunch and ate with a view better than any restaurant they’d been in. Even restaurants with good views still had roofs and windows. This lunch spot had neither, and instead opened up to the sun and air and breezes. Lunch was delectable, as they cut slices of the crusty bread and adorned them with provolone, salami, and proscuitto. Olives on the side for the tang of vinegar. All washed down with the light red wine. They ate, and they enjoyed the flavors and the rest from the walk and the view that they kept marveling over and imagined that they’d never grow tired of it.

After lunch, they rested more with their backs against that towering rock that protected them from the eyes of other hikers on the trail. They rested with the food and the walk still lingering in their bodies.

And then they loved. They kissed, undressed each other. Slowly, with no rush at all. When each piece of clothing was put to the side, they felt like they were closer to worshiping the beauty around them, the towering rock and the valley, the trees and sun and clouds. When they were completely naked, skin on skin, and kissing each other, they felt even closer to that worship. The sun warmed their bodies in response. Robert lay down, and Kiera straddled him, feeling like a cowgirl riding on a horse that somehow took flight and soared far above the valley, among the clouds. Up in the air, high above the valley, they flew in love and pleasure for a long time. When Kiera burst out in orgasm to Robert’s finger on her clitoris, she cried out to the trees, clouds, rocks, sun—everything around them, seen and unseen. She felt that everything smiled back at her and enjoyed her rapture, glad that she and Robert came to visit on this wondrous day.



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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

30 thoughts on “Mountaintop

  1. Holy cow man!!! I honestly don’t understand how you can keep track of all those details in your mind. You are something else.
    Nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    A delightful breath of fresh mountain air. I do love the great outdoors, and my new writing friendship with the talented AM. If you haven’t meet him already be sure to head over to his site for some fun loving, playful and erotic reads. With any luck I’ll head outside soon too.


  3. Sigh. What a lovely way to spend a day.


  4. I’m going to go and hang out by my camping stuff for a second. Great story.


  5. Beautifully written, there is something very sensual and exciting about making love outdoors .


  6. I love outdoor fantasies. Now to make them happen….


  7. nothing like sex outdoors to unleash the wild within.


  8. Gus!! This one pairs nicely with my thoughts lately, you know. There is just something about the outdoors. Mmm… This is nice! I think you offered us the perfect view, my friend.


  9. ahhhh– thank heaven for such rituals. 🙂


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  11. I’ve been fantasizing about this exact thing lately 🙂
    Lovely story 🙂


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