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Fifty Shades … Masters of Sex


Last week, the trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie came out, surely causing a torrent of reactions, from trembling excitement to eye rolls. It reminded me of big hype when The Fault in Our Stars movie opened, and I wondered how many people loved both of these books (or trilogy in the case of Fifty Shades) and were excited about these movies.

Admittedly, I’ve read none of the Fifty Shades books. But, since I write erotica, I was very curious about what made these erotic books so popular, seeing that they’re among a pretty packed field. What made these books rise up from the rest in popularity? Maybe it was due to the start of the story being Twilight fan fiction, and the books catapulted from there, adding ropes and riding crops for some spice in the mix?

I haven’t read the books, in part because several people have told me they’re badly written. And I respect the opinion of the people telling me this. So I’ve been hesitant. Still, though, I’m pretty excited about these erotic books hitting the mainstream and being made into a movie. A movie which will have fans lining up way, way around the block.

I have to admit, the trailer is sexy (well, those last few seconds)…

The trailer came out soon after the new season of Masters of Sex started on Showtime. I really enjoyed the first season of this show, and this second season has not disappointed in the least. It has complicated characters and good story lines. Not just about the hyper-focused goal of Dr. Masters to continue his sex study, but about a range of characters around him.

I’m impressed on how the show portrays Dr. Masters as being non-judgmental about people who are considered “deviant” in the culture of the 1950s. In the second episode of this new season, a girl’s mother wanted to force her into getting a hysterectomy, due to her promiscuity. Dr. Masters refused to perform this life-altering surgery, and instead gave her an IUD to prevent unwanted pregnancy. And in the first episode, Dr. Masters encouraged his friend Provost Scully not to get electro-shock therapy as an attempt to “cure” him of homosexuality.

Maybe some of this could be chalked up to Dr. Masters having scientific curiosity of people who don’t follow what mainstream culture considers as “normal” sexual behavior. His character seems to truly care for these “outsiders,” and doesn’t want them to be punished for being that way. Hell, he’s brimming with scientific curiosity about everything sexual, from what’s considered “normal” to “abnormal.”

Which brings me back to Fifty Shades of Grey. Is it popular because it introduces us to something we may consider outside of our comfort zone? Like Christian Grey opening the door to his secret room and introducing Anastasia to what may be outside of her comfort zone? Now, with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc., we can read about what happens next without anyone else in the coffee shop or airport or where-ever knowing what we’re reading (it’s our own little secrets).

Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag for Fifty Shades, the many fans of these books won’t need to hide as they wait in line at the theater this February. Soon, Mr. Grey will see you…


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13 thoughts on “Fifty Shades … Masters of Sex

  1. I did read the books and while titilating, the writing is pretty terrible. I wish I had showtime because that series sounds right up my alley! I’m planning to do some research on a school for wayward girls out here in the sticks in KS that was rep orderly forcibly sterilizing girls deemed unfit into the 1960s. I did come across the KS correctional schools in a NY Times article called “spanking by electricity” where the KS school for boys developed a machine like a toilet basically where the lid would come up and spank the offender. I saved it as a favorite on my computer so look at later but apparently when I got this phone plugged in for the first time it saved it there as well. So, every time I open my browser that’s one of the options to click on. I hope I never lose my phone otherwise people might make some assumptions of me!


    • That’s a horrible story about the KS punishments of sterilizing girls and spanking boys with electricity. I’ve heard on the news about horrible stories of punishments in other parts of the world (mostly against women and girls), but it’s eye-opening learning about punishments that happened in the United States. And they happened not so long ago. It makes me very angry and sad that people have been treated like this.

      On a totally different subject, how about Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch “Masters of Sex”? If you don’t catch it now, I think it’s a series that will hold up, so I think it’s worthwhile catching it at some point. Thanks for coming by, and for leaving a great comment!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the %0 Shades trilogy. Yes, it was not scholarly material, but the relationship between to main characters was pretty intense and captivating. The BDSM level in this series is extremely mild. I think that is one of the reasons every housewife in America became hooked on the series.
    The parts that irks me the most are Ana’s climax scenes. Not very believable. It is terribly fun reading otherwise.

    BTW, I adore Master’s of Sex. Great show!!


    • The relationship seems to be the biggest draw in the 50 Shades trilogy. And I’m surprised that you said the BDSM level is mild. I guess I was expecting something really edgy. But maybe if it was edgy, it would’ve turned off many readers.

      What was it about Ana’s climax scenes that you didn’t like? Were her orgasms always the enormous, shoot off into space kind of orgasms that lasted for hours?

      Thanks for your great comment!


  3. I didn’t read the books either but I have friends who did and throughly enjoyed them. Speaking of erotic books being turned into film… I’m so excited about the Outlander series that starts this August! Now that should be amazing!!!!


  4. P.S. I just watched the trailer. And whew… yes. It’s hot.


  5. I really enjoy Masters Of Sex. So well done.


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