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Etiquette at the Nude Beach


“How’s it going, ladies?”

At this question, which was obviously male voiced, Kiera and Bridgett looked up, toward the source of the question. The women were laying side by side on beach blankets. Both were on their stomachs, bare-assed to the sun. With all this, and since they raised their heads together, it looked impressive to Dominick, who had asked the question.

“Hey,” he said, nodding his head, “nicely synchronized.”

Kiera and Bridgett frowned and, again in synchronized timing, lowered their gaze to his erection that pointed at them like a divining rod showing the way to nudity instead of pointing toward water, which was massive to the side of them, as the ocean crashed its waves.

“Oh, great,” Kiera said under her breath.

“So,” Dominick said, grinning down at them with one side of his mouth, “I was wondering, could one of you ladies rub suntan oil on my back? There’s some spots I can’t reach.”

Kiera took in all of him, from his erection to his muscles and the carefully styled dark hair on his head. That, and the beach chair he had placed too close to her and Bridgett. “This is your first time at a nude beach, isn’t it?” she asked.

Dominick obviously wasn’t expecting this response to his invitation for applying sunscreen. “Uh, yeah. Why?”

“Because you’re not following what you’re supposed to. First, you should’ve taken care of that”β€”she nodded at his erection and quickly returned to make eye contact with himβ€””before you got here. And you don’t sit so close to other people. C’mon, give us a little room.”

He frowned at her, not liking where the conversation was going. He surely had hoped for something else, such as him sitting on their beach blanket, with both of the women caressing him all over with suntan oil.

He turned his hands, with both palms facing up, as if he was about to catch a big beach ball. A gesture of asking for patience. They also suspected he was tensing his stomach muscles as he did this. He said, “Hey, just trying to be friendly. You’re right. This is my first time. I was just thinking I’d make some friends here, that’s all.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what you were thinking,” Bridgett replied, her eyes lowering to his erection.

“Well, isn’t that what you do here? Have some good times?”

Kiera snorted as she shook her head and looked down at the beach blanket. Needing a moment to let these preposterous remarks sink in. With that moment quickly over, she raised her head to look back up at Dominick. “Nude beaches aren’t orgies. They’re for enjoying the freedom of our bodies out in nature. And you’ve got to be polite when you’re at a nude beach. They’re not a pick-up bar. Neither of us are going to put suntan oil on your back. And we sure as hell aren’t going to touch your rude cock swinging around. You got all that?”

Now Dominick raised his hands, palms toward them, the gesture turning to surrender. “Okay, okay. I got it. I’ll stop bugging you.”

“Just be more respectful. People will like that better.”

He dropped his hands and, nodding, dragged his beach chair further away from them. The women were glad to see that he didn’t approach someone else. The beach wasn’t packed full of people, and most other groups were couples of a man and woman. No women were there alone. It was easy to understand why the guy had approached them, hoping they were the most susceptible to his cock, muscles, and charming words. He plunked down on his chair and stared at the ocean.

“Poor guy,” Bridgett said. “He’s just acting like he probably always does. Nobody told him about not acting like that on a nude beach.”

“Well, he knows now,” Kiera replied.

“But he does have nice abs.”

Kiera gave another snort, though this was softer than her earlier snort. “That’s what I get for dating a bi woman.”

Bridgett grinned. “Sorry.”

Dominick got up out of his chair, and the women noticed he wasn’t erect any longer. He swaggered toward the ocean, entering it until the water was up to his knees, and then he dove in.

“C’mon,” Kiera said, “let’s go for a walk.”

Bridget nodded, and they stood up and walked away from where the guy was swimming. They didn’t see him burst strongly from the water and push his dark hair straight back. He looked back at the spot where they had been, to see if they had noticed his powerful motions. But their beach blankets were empty. His head swiveled right then left, trying to find the two ladies he still held a glimmer of hope for.

Then he saw them, walking away from him. Walking hand in hand. Just my luck, he thought, but at least they have great asses.



Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

15 thoughts on “Etiquette at the Nude Beach

  1. This was very enjoyable to read! Loved it!


  2. Nice. I’ve need to a few nude beaches and find there are two types. The ‘nudist’ resorts don’t like to sexualize nudity so any sign of being turned on is frowned upon. The swingers beaches, on the other hand, love it when they see someone getting aroused. They are nudity as inherently sexy and love it when someone has a ‘reaction’


    • I’ll come out and admit that I’ve never been to a nude beach, this was just something I imagined. Thanks for sharing your experiences, as I didn’t realize about the two different types of beaches/resorts. Very different styles for different folks.


  3. Psst! This rational could be used in the blogging world, as well. Sometimes. πŸ™‚ Poor guy. I feel bad for him.


  4. Hmmm, nicely done.


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