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A Pause


While I’ve been posting a story each day for a week, a few of my longer stories have been whispering to me that they’re not finished yet. The loudest of these is the novel that I still hope to self-publish in September. It tells me that it still needs work, and that this won’t be done without me. So I’m going to take a pause for two, maybe three, weeks of posting. I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve posted of late, as writing them was a rush. Those last two especially. If you have a burning desire to read more of my stories (and what writer wouldn’t want this?), I have several e-books available. And then there’s a whole lot of hot n’ sexy poems and stories on other blogs. Works by many talented writers I’ve had the great fortune of meeting through WordPress. I wish you sexy writing, sexy reading, sexy times, and indulging in sensuality.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

12 thoughts on “A Pause

  1. Brother, I know how you feel. I have several nagging stories myself, but not the time or energy yet to dedicate to them. Do know that you will be missed – your works are some of the hottest on WordPress, and I enjoy them thoroughly!

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    • Thanks Mark — I certainly appreciate it! Yeah, those nagging stories and not enough time makes for a tough time trying to balance various things. Keep up your great writing, too, the last story you posted was damn hot.


  2. Enjoy your writing time. You’ll be missed, Gus.


  3. The good thing about your pause is that it will allow me to catch up on your shorts I’ve missed. Happy writing!


  4. May your break be fruitful. I always read and enjoy your stories, and look forward to your return!


  5. Enjoy your hiatus — hurry back !


  6. Geeze… I go away for a week and look at you!! all grown up and writer-like. I will be back to read all your genius. I’m glad to have the time to catch up. Good luck on the more serious stuff. We will have fun at the trough here while you’re gone.


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