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Tennis Weekends


[Up to the end of Oktoberfest on October 5, I’ll be posting photos of Bavaria and excerpts from my new novel, Bavarian Beauty. But I’ll also post some quickie, short-short stories that have nothing to do with Bavaria or my novel. It’s fun to write these bite-sized stories after working on a book-length story.]

Jennifer wasn’t surprised at all when, soon after they entered their house, Adam turned her toward him and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

After the kiss, she said, “It still amazes me how you can get frisky after tennis. Don’t you feel all gross and sweaty?”

“I did when we played in summer,” he said, grabbing her ass. “I didn’t try to get it on then, remember? Fall’s so much better with the cooler weather.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you that.”

“And it’s even sexier in the fall. You still wear your shorts or your skirt, so I get to see your legs while we play.”

“Too bad they don’t distract you enough that I win every time.”

“Ah, but they do distract me. But not as much as when you take off your hoodie. It’s like a little striptease when you do that, and it’s also sexy knowing that you’re getting all heated up.”

“Striptease? Really? On the tennis court?” Jennifer sighed. “You’re such a man.”

“Oh, come on, you can’t blame me. One minute, you’re running around the court in shorts and a hoodie. The next minute, you’re unzipping the thing, and you’re in a tank top. And talk about nipply. Oh my goodness. Even through the sports bra.” His hands left her ass and added to the appreciation of her breasts.

She gave a little laugh. “Well, it is kinda sexy when you say that. Okay, okay, let’s go upstairs. But you’re doing the sheets, since we’re still pretty sweaty.”

“I’ve always thrown them in the laundry, haven’t I? Don’t worry about it. But how about we toss a few towels on the floor and get down there? Mix it up a little.”

Jennifer kissed him, then said, “Practical and sexy, I like it. And I always love it when you do laundry.”

As they headed up the stairs to the bedroom, Adam made sure she went first so he could admire her ascending ass in the white tennis shorts.



Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

5 thoughts on “Tennis Weekends

  1. The dialogue is so sweet in this, Gus. I enjoyed reading and walking away smirking. Knowing he loves her so much, a genuine love moment. Thanks for making me a believer.


  2. I do love the visuals here. 😉


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