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Dirndls and Lederhosen


Since dirndls are an object of fetish for the main character in my new novel Bavarian Beauty, I figured I’d post about this traditional Bavarian dress. And I’m including lederhosen, for those who enjoy seeing men wearing shorts with suspenders.

Also, a reminder that I’m giving away a free ebook of my novel to 5 people. Simply email me at by September 30 to be included in a random drawing to receive a coupon for a free ebook at Smashwords. Please email me only if you are 18 years or older, as this is an erotic novel.

Now for the dirndls and lederhosen…

Possibly the most famous lady in a dirndl is the St. Pauli Girl:

St. Pauli Girl lager

pic from Cherokee Distributing

She’s hoisting three beer steins in each hand, but in the beginning of TipsyBartender’s video, Oktoberfest is f*cking wild!, Annika (correct spelling? she’s an Oktoberfest waitress) claims to be able to double that, for a total of twelve beers at once. When she’s shown walking through a kitchen, I count ten beers that she’s carrying — but I still believe her about those twelve.

Some other ladies in dirndls:

Oktoberfest Girl, by Markburger83 (Wikimedia Commons)

Markburger83 (Wikimedia Commons)

Woman in dirndl selling pretzels, by Mahmoudreza Shirinsokhan (Flickr)

Mahmoudreza Shirinsokhan (Flickr)

Woman in dirndl with cleavage, by Diego Wyllie (Flickr)

Diego Wyllie (Flickr)

Guy in Heidi braids wig, by Stephen Whitely  (Flickr)

Stephen Whitely (Flickr)

Oh, wait. That last pic was just with a wig, not the whole dress. That we can see at least.

Where can one buy a dirndl? The official Oktoberfest website offers many different styles of dresses, for example:

Alice Dirndl dress

Amazon has them, of course — since they carry everything.

If you want a look that’s a bit racier, there are other options out there for you, like this one from 3 Wishes. Duly noted that she’s only carrying one beer stein, and a really small one, at that. Doesn’t she know that size matters with beer steins??

Dirndl costume from

A couple of helpful resources from other blogs:

  • How to be Dirndl’icious: Goes nicely in depth on choosing which styles to wear, with photos of very nice dirndls in a Munich store.
  • How To Tie Your Bavarian Dirndl Apron: There’s a particular code to tying your dirndl, and where you tie the knot shows if you’re single and looking or not. Good to know for the dirndl wearer — but if the tourist guys don’t know the code, they might need to be helped out with it.

And now for the moment some of you have been waiting for: the lederhosen…

Guys in lederhosen leading cows, by Andreas Metz (Flickr)

Andreas Metz (Flickr)

Guys in lederhosen dancing, by Bonifaas (Flickr)

Bonifaas (Flickr)

Group of guys in lederhosen, by Nikki (Flickr)

Nikki (Flickr)

Guys in lederhosen in field with horses, by Machs einfach (Flickr)

Machs einfach (Flickr)

Where to buy your very own pair of leather shorts? Amazon is certainly an option:

Lederhosen outfit from

Or you can skip the shorts and just thrown on a T-shirt:

Lederhosen t-shirt at


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7 thoughts on “Dirndls and Lederhosen

  1. Not one thing wrong with that man at the end, Gus. *swoons* He’s wearing that well, and I think I could wear that dirndl for him happily. Anything to show off the girls. πŸ˜‰


  2. Dirndls is one thing — leather shorts, something else. πŸ˜€


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