August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

Imperfect and Sexy


Once the couple returned home from their shopping trip, Nikolay dropped the bags on the floor and kissed Renee with the lust that had been building in him for hours.

When their lips finally parted, Renee sighed, “Oh, my.”

“I’ve been thinking ‘oh, my’ for most of the day,” he replied.

“Mmm. I like that.” Renee caressed his cheek. “Thanks for going shopping with me, honey. I liked having you there helping me pick out lingerie. I liked seeing what you thought was sexy.”

“It was fun. Sexy fun. It’s too bad we’ve never done that before.” He undid the top button of her blouse. “Now, it’s time for some more fun.”

“Would you like me to put on something we just bought?”

“No, no,” he replied. “Save that for another time. I’m too excited to wait for you to change. I already had to wait so many times for you to come out of that changing room.” He set free another button while looking down the space under her blouse.

“You’re a patient man.”

“Not any longer.” More buttons were undone, and her red bra was unveiled.

“Honey,” Renee said, “I’m sorry I don’t look like the women in the store. The women on all the posters and signs and on the tags.”

Surprised, Nikolay’s attention quickly shifted from her bra up to her eyes. “What?”

“I just … I just wanted to say I’m sorry that I’m not perfect like them.”

Nikolay flinched, and his eyebrows knitted into a frown. “Are you kidding me? I don’t care about that. I’m not married to them. I’m not in love with any of them. I’m in love with you. And you turn me on like crazy.”

“Do I really?”

“See, now you’re just fucking with me.” His hand slid up her belly, to her bra-covered breast and squeezed it as he continued: “How many times have I asked you to strip for me?”

“I … I don’t know.”

Lots of times. And I loved ’em all. Just like I get turned on when you simply get undressed and put your PJs on. I’ve stopped you before you got a chance put your PJs on, remember?”

“Yeah.” Her face showed that she liked those memories she was thinking about, when he took her pajamas out of her hands and brought her to bed.

“Babe, the chicks on those posters at the store all need to eat a fucking hamburger. You’re real. You’re the one that makes me all hot and crazy. Here, look.” His hand left her breast and helped his other hand unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants, unzip them, and push them down to his ankles. “See? There’s your proof.”

She grinned down at his erection and slid her fingers along it. “I love it when he’s hard for me.”

You did that,” Nikolay said. “Not the chicks on the posters. C’mon, let’s hit the couch. I need to show you some more how much you turn me on.”

“Wait.” Renee looked back up at his face. “First, thank you.” She kissed him, a different kiss than the lust-filled one when they had entered the house. “Thank you for saying all that.”

“It’s all true.” Nikolay kicked his pants off and took her by the hand and led her to the couch to show her more proof of how much she turned him on.



Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

8 thoughts on “Imperfect and Sexy

  1. Be still my heart once again with this honest, sexy, loving hotness! Where can I find these Nikolay characters? I don’t see many running around in California, lol. 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful short prose.


  2. Sexy and real life. Love it.


  3. Tender and loving, yet again. Aw. I wish all woman believed this…because it is so true. Devotion and true love are the best. Loved this, Gus.

    These past couple stories have been foreplay for what you’re about to do next, perhaps? Either way. Beautiful word picture….


    • So glad you liked this 🙂 The past two stories aren’t really working up to something. They’re just stand-alone stories. I get lots of ideas, and sometimes a short-short format seems to fit an idea. Thanks for reading!


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