August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

In Good Hands


“Mmm,” purred Vivian, “I’m always in good hands with you, Rodrigo.”

As the heel of Rodrigo’s palm pushed upward, along the muscles in the right side of her back, he replied, “Glad to do it, as always. You’re not as tense today.”

“Oh, just trying to let more things go. Trying not to get all worked up like I used to. Doesn’t work all the time, though.”

“Well, it’s working this week,” Rodrigo said. “Your muscles aren’t as tight as they have been.”

“They’ll be even looser after you’re done.”

Which had been the case for several years now. Rodrigo’s massages had helped her through a divorce, a boyfriend who wasn’t sure if he was ready for commitment, stress at work, and a myriad of other worries that life rolled her way. Through all of that, Rodrigo had been there, with his strong hands massaging the knots from her muscles.

Back when she and Bill had separated before the divorce was final, her girlfriends had been there for her, giving Vivian a wonderful resource of love and kindness. One of them, Christine, had suggested Rodrigo, saying that “You will not believe how good you feel afterward.” With a glowing recommendation like that, this massage therapist had to be checked out.

And Rodrigo delivered. The glowing recommendation turned into her body glowing from the various tools he pulled out: his elbows digging deep into her clenched muscles, followed by the heels of his palms, followed by his fingers — those iron-hard fingers that got right in there to work on her stiff muscles.

When he was all finished, she poured out of the spa where he worked, loose and limber, feeling like she was more liquid than solid. Wonderful how the feeling stayed with her for a long time afterward.

But it was during the massages that bliss completely took over. Letting go was easiest then, and this was so very valuable during those stressful times. The massage was like wiping grime off a window and letting the sunshine burst in through the clean glass. After the massage, some of the grime of stressful thoughts would return, but she couldn’t worry about that while under the talented handiwork of Rodrigo.

So it was that Vivian’s worries fell away as she lifted into the air. The lovely, peaceful flute music swirled into her ears. The herbal aroma of the massage oil swirled into her nose. And her body swirled among the clouds.



Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

2 thoughts on “In Good Hands

  1. *sigh* This flash fiction moment was fabulous, Gus. Rodrigo is just the kind of guy a lady like Vivian needs around. I’m envious of her relaxed state. Have a great weekend!!


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