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Another virtual vacation! I hope you’re enjoying these. You get to take a little trip and not have to deal with the long lines at the airport or suffer through jet lag.

This time, we’re heading to Mittenwald, a small town in Bavaria, and way down in the south of Germany. It’s on the northern foothills of the Alps (by the Karwendel range), and in the River Isar’s valley (sourced from Wikipedia.)

Why am I highlighting this town? Glad you asked! Many of the events in my erotic novel, Bavarian Beauty, take place here. So I thought I’d showcase the town through some pics taken by Flickr photographers (all the pics were available under the Creative Commons license, and they’re absolutely not used for commercial purposes, just to show off the town).

A little more about the town… Fodor’s has a great description of it, that I’m including since I’ve never visited:

“Many regard Mittenwald as the most beautiful town in the Bavarian Alps. It has somehow avoided the architectural sins found in other Alpine villages by maintaining a balance between conservation and the needs of tourism. Its medieval prosperity is reflected on its main street, Obermarkt, which has splendid houses with ornately carved gables and brilliantly painted facades. Goethe called it ‘a picture book come alive,’ and it still is.”

On VirtualTourist, richiecdisc has some sweet descriptions of the town:

“Mittenwald is a marvelous mountain town less than two hours south of Munich by train, nestled in the German Alps on the Austrian border. A touristy town for sure, it remains a charmer with quaint old buildings, friendly locals, and lots of amenities to make your stay pleasant. At just under 1000m with jagged peaks surrounding it like fortress walls, its setting is stunning and its obvious calling card.”

“Mittenwald is a story-book alpine mountain village despite it not being in Switzerland. In fact, it’s every bit as pretty as any number of similar towns in that more noted alps-laden country.”

The Travel Guide on the VirtualTourist website also has great pics of Mittenwald.

And here are the pics I found on Flickr. The photographers’ names are shown below each pic, and you can click each one to jump to their page on Flickr. Thanks to all the talented photographers!

Mittenwald, by masT3rOD (Flickr)

masT3rOD (Flickr)

Mittenwald, by Allie Caulfield (Flickr)

Allie Caulfield (Flickr)

MIttenwald, by Tania Ho (Flickr)

Tania Ho (Flickr)

Mittenwald, by Eva (Flickr)

Eva (Flickr)

Lüftlmalerei (painted houses): Some of the buildings are painted in colorful murals of everyday life or with Biblical scenes.

Mittenwald, by amade_a (Flickr)

amade_a (Flickr)

Now to the spectacular nature outside of the town:

Hiking around Mittenwald, by Jay (Flickr)

Hiking around Mittenwald, Jay (Flickr)

Lautersee and Alps, by barnyz (Flickr)

Looking across Lautersee toward Karwendel, barnyz (Flickr)

Karwendel (Alps) moutains, by barnyz (Flickr)

Near the top of Karwendel, barnyz (Flickr)


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