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Bavarian Beauty — Last Day to Enter Ebook Giveaway


Bavarian Beauty ebook cover

Today’s the last day to enter for a free ebook!

If you’re 18 years or older and want to enter a giveaway for my erotic novel, Bavarian Beauty, send me an email to In your email, please tell me the name that, if you do win, you’d like me to include on the post when I list the winners on October 1. That is, if you don’t want me to include your full name, you can shorten it (like D. Vader) or go with a nickname (like Sweet Cheeks). The winners will be picked by random: I’ll simply put the names of people who emailed me into a hat and pick out 5 names. Then I’ll email those 5 lucky folks a coupon code so they can download the ebook from Smashwords for free.


The novel is comprised mostly of journal entries written by the main character, Simon Edwards, as he deals with his fetish for dirndls, the traditional dress worn in Bavaria (think Oktoberfest and St. Pauli Girl). When he meets a woman who fits his fetish, he is faced with the decision to deliver on her fantasies. Ultimately, the story is about people with desires that differ from what is considered mainstream, and their search to find someone they feel comfortable with to share those desires.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

      Her hand reached down between us, and her fingers rubbed her clitoris. I kept right on going, pounding her pussy, thumping her against the wall.
      She came immediately. She sank her teeth in my neck. A whine came out of her. She held her voice in, that voice I loved hearing howl in orgasm. But not now. Now, she wanted to keep quiet, like when she climaxes in hotel rooms. When she’s much quieter than when we’re in her apartment.
      Her teeth in my neck made my heart gallop even faster. Into a ferocious, crazed running. I shoved my cock in her with everything I had, all my strength, going as deep und fast as I could. With us standing, I couldn’t fuck her as deep und fast as in other positions, but I gave her every fucking thing that I had.
      When I came, I clenched my mouth shut to also keep quiet.
      We embraced as the spasms shook through us.
      Perfect. Fucking perfect. I did it.


If you just can’t wait for the giveaway, you can purchase the ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords (you have to click “Adult Content” in the top blue bar, all the way to the right to view these kinds of books). This is a work of erotica, and it is meant for mature readers only, 18 years of age and older. It contains explicit descriptions of sex (including threesomes and light BDSM), a lot of hot chocolate, Bavarian food, beer drinking, gorgeous scenery of mountains, a few leather outfits, and a creepy mannequin.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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