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October Plans


The long stretch of posts about Oktoberfest / Bavaria / Germany is over! I hope you enjoyed the posts, but now it’s time for my blog to move on from Bavaria.

Next up are a couple of ebooks that I’m going to self-publish this month. Not any novels, but erotic short stories instead — on the longish side of short stories (one is more than 20,000 words). The first story will come out in the middle of the month, and it’s about an older woman (a MILF, you might say) and a younger man. The other story will hopefully be published on Halloween, and it’s about a lonely stay-at-home mom with a very active imagination and a man who visits a house across the street.

When I release these, I’ll offer them for free for a few days through Smashwords.

These stories are a bit different from the writing I’ve published on my blog. I’m guilty of falling into the pattern of writing stories with committed couples who are playful, respectful, and passionate.

However, there are many stories beyond fun couples. Stories of people with problems and attempts to solve them.

This reminds me of this past season of Masters of Sex, the TV show on the Showtime network. The show recently finished its second season, and it was more complex than its first season — where Dr. Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (terrifically acted by Lizzy Caplan) were trying to gain support for their sex study. There were side plots, of course, but I feel that the second season brought more of these side plots, showing more of what was going on in the characters’ lives besides the sex study.

This character development involved problems — as it should when adding drama. And these included sexual dysfunction. Toward the beginning of the second season, Dr. Masters wanted to throw out the files of subjects who deviated from the norm. Case in point: in a masturbation session, a subject ejaculated after just 5 seconds. Dr. Masters didn’t want to include him in the study, and others like him who didn’t fit a set pattern where most people fall into.

But problems exist. Not everyone fits into the “norm.” That’s something the show included in the first season, with Dr. Masters’s support of Provost Scully (Beau Bridges), who was homosexual and tried to hide it. In the second season, the show brought in other sexual problems. Barbara Sanderson (Betsy Brandt), a secretary, suffered from “vaginismus, an involuntary clinching of her pelvic muscles that prevents intercourse” (quoted from LA Times) that arose from deep guilt over incestuous acts with her brother when they were younger. Both Dr. Masters and film guy Lester Linden (Kevin Christy), who filmed subjects in the study during their sexual activities, both suffered from impotence. Finally, carried over from the first season was the problem of Mrs. Libby Masters herself (Caitlin Fitzgerald), who didn’t get any action at home — even though she’s married to the guy who came up with the idea of the sex study. (In the next-to-last episode this season, with her wonderfully acted monologue about not knowing herself, and then her blissful face as she lay, receiving loving, on the kitchen floor: Oh, hell yes.)

Yes, problems and drama exist. As much as I enjoy writing stories of fun couples in passionate play, I’m striving to break up that pattern sometimes and include characters with problems. Characters who don’t see eye to eye on everything and disagree. Who cheat on their spouses. Who get frustrated when things don’t work out like they want (like with Simon in my novel Bavarian Beauty).

And when I get tired of writing characters with problems, it’ll be nice to return to those couples who simply have fun gettin’ it on. They’ll always be there, making me smile with their teasing dialogue and hot, playful ways.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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