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Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Free Ebook!


Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart - ebook cover

My new erotic short story, “A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart,” is now available for free! You can download this ebook from Smashwords free until October 30.

Only for readers 18 years and older, as this is erotica, and it contains explicit descriptions of sex.

Here’s the story’s description:

Tabitha is an older woman whose husband has cheated on her for a while, and she’s stayed with him — but she has dealt with his cheating by having affairs of her own. While buying a mocha cappuccino at the shopping mall’s coffee shop, she catches the eye of Ethan, who hasn’t before had a thing for MILFs, but Tabitha’s vivaciousness and assets grab his interest.

Their affair grows more serious than Tabitha had anticipated, with Ethan falling in love with her — on top of his deep lust for her. With a heavy heart, Tabitha decides to break off the relationship. But before they completely call it quits, she invites him to a honeymoon for their lives apart, to be spent indulging in a lush seaside hotel.

“A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart” is an erotic short story (16,150 words) about a older woman and a younger man that contains explicit descriptions of sex, naughty play in a hot tub, a video interview, a pet nickname, jealousy, and a chocolate dessert.

This is a work of erotic fiction and is meant for mature readers 18 years and older only.


Let’s get a little into the story with an excerpt (toward the beginning of the ebook):

She took my breath away back then—at the time when I was taking this video—and she still takes my breath away. At least I have these movies of you. No doubt, my memories will blur and fade. But videos will bring back every sharp detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tabby for letting me take video of you. Make that videos.

She fusses with her hair and pushes up her boobs. Her lips press against each other in that expertly swift move that women do to ensure their lipstick is on evenly.

My vain movie star. Bet you think this movie’s aboutcha, don’tcha?

Of course it is.

Tabby, you’re perfect for the movies. You see that now, don’t you? Christ, it took forever to persuade you to try it. Then I couldn’t get you to stop.

But then you put a stop to everything. A big, heart-breaking stop. Thank goodness I had the idea for these movies. Thank goodness we did so many. I’ll have all these videos to remember you by. And jerk off to your hotness.

My TV image sits next to Tabitha and says, “Ready?”

“Always am, baby.” A sly smile on ruby red lips.

My TV self can’t help but smile back. I was always putty in her hands. Especially after she had sucked and stroked me to a tremendous climax. I say, “Okay. Let’s get started, then. How do you remember us meeting?”


Finally, I’ve got to include it, the fine print: Any resemblance between the characters in this novel with persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The image in the cover is stock photography, and the model is used for illustrative purposes only — inclusion on the cover is not meant to imply the model’s involvement in the activities described in this story. All characters in the story are older than 18 years old and participate in consensual sex. The mention of companies and products in the story should not be taken as their support of the events in the story.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

4 thoughts on “Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Free Ebook!

  1. Congratulations on another finished eBook, Gus. Look at you go!! Looking forward to reading Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Audrey! It feels good to expand my old stories into longer stories and give them new life as ebooks. Another’s will be up in a week or so. I hope you like this Honeymoon one — enjoy while it’s free!


  2. A great sounding plot — congrats !!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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