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Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Excerpt 3


My erotic short story, “A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart,” is available for free! You can download this ebook from Smashwords free until October 30.

This is only for readers 18 years and older, as it is erotica and contains descriptions of sex… like this excerpt:

My tongue joins the party with long, lingering licks from the bottom of her vagina to the hood at the very top. Up and down. Swishing back and forth. Tracing the outline of her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue. Tickling the sensitive little nub of her clitoris hiding underneath its hood.

From the sound of Tabitha’s moans and sighs, she likes the journey very much.

I tell her how good her pussy tastes and looks and how much I want to fuck her. I throw every move in my repertoire at her. Lapping. Slurping — nice and sloppy. Tongue darting into her sopping slit. Nuzzling my face against her. Gently sucking her clitoris. French kissing that hard, eager nub.

“Oh God, yes,” Tabitha groans all along the journey, and then she finally lets it loose: “YesYesYesYesYesYes!


Honeymoon For Lives Apart coverTabitha is an older woman whose husband has cheated on her for a while, and she has parried with affairs of her own. Including an affair with Ethan, but it grows serious when Ethan falls in love with her. With a heavy heart, Tabitha breaks off the relationship. But before they completely call it quits, she invites him to a honeymoon for their lives apart, to be spent indulging in a lush hotel.

“A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart” is an erotic short story (16,150 words) about a older woman and a younger man that contains explicit descriptions of sex, naughty play in a hot tub, a video interview, a pet nickname, jealousy, and a chocolate dessert.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

5 thoughts on “Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Excerpt 3

  1. Is it okay to abandon a book to begin another? I may have to, Gus. She crazy to leave that guy behind. 🙂

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