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A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Last Day Free


Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart - ebook cover

Today is the last day you can get my erotic short story, “A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart,” free! Snatch it up while you can at Smashwords. Only for readers 18 years and older, please — as the story contains explicit descriptions of sex.

An excerpt:

And I do. I plow into her as fast as I can. Sweat drips down my forehead and lower back. Her eyes bore into mine again. Her head sways from side to side. Her mouth hangs wide open, letting grunting and panting pour out. Strands of hair fall over her eyes, down to her cheeks. She grips her tits in tight handholds. Her nipples peek between clutching fingers.

My control has flown out of the window. I’m heaving like a beast. Fuck control and trying to be good enough for her, trying to win her love and persuade her to divorce her husband and spend the rest of her life with me, going on vacations with me and dinner dates, fucking my brains out, getting the brains fucked out of her, and sucking my cock ’til it explodes. All because we’re awesome together, and the world just feels right when she’s around.

And fuck that polite shit, that remembering which stupid fork is the salad fork and the kinds of wine and worrying about what other people think of us as they whisper, “Look at them, Howard. He’s much, much younger than her.”


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

3 thoughts on “A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart: Last Day Free

  1. Just getting through my email posts for the day. I should know better than to read your work before I’m settled. Like I’ve said before….she’s crazy to leave him behind. Plus, I’m a bit annoyed with you now. You have total control over this situation and you’re allowing it. Gus!!


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