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20 Scary Stories in 5 Words


I recently signed up for Twitter to give this whole tweetering thing a shot, and it’s been a neat way to see what a lot of authors out there are doing. I’m at @AugustMacGregor if you wanna give me a shout.

While on Twitter yesterday, I saw that one of the trends was #ScaryStoriesIn5Words, which just begged to be checked out. A story in 5 words? A scary one? Yes and yes. I had no idea it was a thing. And there are some fun and creative ones out there.

This just begged to be tried, so I came up with a bunch of them. Ideas kept coming, and I blame the excitement mixed with nervous energy about NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow (my first — please be gentle).

Here’s my shot at scary stories in 5 words:

  1. Seriously let’s just be friends.
  2. Blind date: Attila the Hun.
  3. Neighbor’s wearing same slutty-zombie costume.
  4. Sharted at horror movie’s climax.
  5. Your blog killed the Internet.
  6. There’s always next, next season.
  7. Tree falls, whole forest follows.
  8. Zombie apocalypse, bullet supply low.
  9. Bigfoot real, becomes your dentist.
  10. Cellmate sings “Frozen” song endlessly.
  11. Swatter meets fly; relationship over.
  12. “Honey, come meet my boyfriend.”
  13. Vampire needs braces; scariness declines.
  14. Apple releases 5-pound smart phone.
  15. Power tie slowly strangles CEO.
  16. Spider simply refuses to die.
  17. Members Only jackets trendy again.
  18. “Honey, let’s get waxed together.”
  19. Application accepted! Decade on Mars.
  20. “It’s Raining Men” — umbrellas useless.

Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

11 thoughts on “20 Scary Stories in 5 Words

  1. Damn! I’m out of bullets!
    Very enjoyable!


  2. This was great. You’ll like twitter. Helps get the word out. Have a great weekend.


  3. I used to have that smart phone. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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