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The Troll’s Bridge: Pirate Ship Excerpt

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My erotic novella, The Troll’s Bridge, is FREE at Smashwords (click here)! Only mature readers 18 years and older — since this is erotica. The novella is available for free until November 21.

Here’s a swashbuckling excerpt from the deck of a pirate ship (can you feel the spray of salt water on the wind?)….

Finally, a man broke the long silence: “I will take her.” His voice was as hard and lean as his body. “It’s been too long since I’ve had a wench.”

“No,” the captain said. “She’s mine. And she’s a witch, not a wench. She’ll curse us all if you don’t watch out. You would be wise to step away.”

“I shall not step away. Can’t you see how badly she wants me? I can give her what you cannot. I can give her what she needs.”

The captain drew his cutlass out of its scabbard with an icy sound. Gasps again came from the crew, all of them now staring at the blade gleaming in the sunlight rather than at Sophie’s breasts.

“Fool!” the captain snarled at the man. “Insulting, insolent fool!”


Troll's Bridge cover, 150px wideA man dies across the street … A man dressed as a troll visits Sophie on Halloween… A man with piercing slate eyes appears in the house across the street. Strange things are happening in Sophie’s neighborhood. Will the man with the piercing eyes step up and give her the control — and the energetic sex that her mostly complacent husband doesn’t give her?

The Troll’s Bridge is an erotic novella (31,600 words) that contains explicit descriptions of sex (including light BDSM), two apple pies, a Mr. Magic toy, a tower room in a castle, and swordplay on the deck of a pirate ship.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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