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The Tourist: A Review

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The Tourist book cover

“It was weird alien sex and it was out of this world!”

A line from The Tourist, by Lee McGeorge, that nicely describes this story.

Kabadel-Dos is an alien dropped on Earth, forced to be in exile. Her true form is a six-foot black slug with a white belly, and she’s got eyes on her front and back. Soon after being stranded on Earth, this alien touches a woman and is able to morph into a human form. She then goes by the name Grace Ripley and rises to wealth by creating a business of high-tech materials. Materials which she hopes to use in building a spaceship to leave Earth.

But she needs an engineer to help construct that spaceship. And then the story thrusts into a new gear as Grace rushes around Manhattan in an effort to find other aliens and an engineer who can help her. Of course, though, she finds that not all aliens are nice.

This story has a cool, Men in Black type of vibe to it, with aliens in disguise who are walking among us. You never know they’re aliens until they morph into their true selves, and those selves can be very wild. The descriptions alone of the types of aliens are enough to check out this story.

And, yes, sometimes those aliens get together and have weird alien sex. As the quote above mentions. So this story is for readers 18 years and older.

Here’s the book’s description:

New York of the 1980’s is a sexually perverted place filled with sexually perverted people. Not all of them are human.

Considered one of the finest science fiction screenplays ever written, Clair Noto’s story of alien beings meeting for sex in a New York nightclub has remained unfilmed and untold for decades.

Now, British horror novelist, Lee McGeorge, presents a fantastically realised version of Noto’s story that is destined to become a classic in its own right.

This ebook is available at Smashwords for free. Please leave a review for this story if you like it. You never know, your review might convince someone else to give this story a chance.


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