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Saving Callie’s Christmas

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Saving Callie's Christmas cover

Time for a break from the erotic horror and science fiction to get into a story for the season. This is an erotic short story that I published last December. But, since I didn’t have this blog back then, I’m giving it away for free this month (until January 2). Only for readers 18 years and older, since this is erotica and contains explicit descriptions of sex.

“Saving Callie’s Christmas” is available free at Smashwords.

The story’s description:

Callie Skeffington, of New London, Connecticut has been good for so many years—until she took a turn for the naughty in the week before Christmas. Naughty was Callie the night that she tried anal sex with her boyfriend, Kyle Baxter. And with that, Callie jumped over to the bad list.

However, Callie Skeffington has a champion in the North Pole. Rayen the elf goes to Santa Claus to plead Callie’s case, in letting her off this time and removing anal sex from the no-no rules that breaking one lands you on the bad list.

Santa gives Callie a chance and instructs Rayen to tell Callie not to partake in anal sex until after Christmas is over. Rayen is delighted to, as he has a thing for Callie and wants to try anal sex. His wife, Livvy, isn’t interested in anal intercourse, and she’s not thrilled about her husband going down to see this good girl turned bad.

Will Rayen cheat in order to sample this unexplored territory? Find out in “Saving Callie’s Christmas”!

“Saving Callie’s Christmas” is an erotic short story (8,166 words) that contains explicit descriptions of sex, a stressed-out Santa Claus, many elves, and a teacher trying to let her hair down.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

One thought on “Saving Callie’s Christmas

  1. Great little story – very seasonally topical. You’ve also introduced me to Smashwords and I think I might try writing a longer piece for publication there. Dip my toe, so to speak (or my tip if I’m thinking of Callie’s ass). You might just have opened my route to publication, my friend.


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