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Peppermint Kisses: A Review


Peppermint Kisses, by Wynter O'Reilly

Peppermint Kisses
By Wynter O’Reilly
Free at Smashwords

My reviews of free holiday stories continues…

It’s easy to say reading Peppermint Kisses is like eating a candy cane: it’s festive for the holiday, and the peppermint gives a sweet and wintry-chill feeling in your mouth.

Not only that, but the two women (Chrissy and Nicolette) in the story taste like peppermint — as when Jack kisses them on their lips ā€¦ and kisses them down below. The book is aptly titled, and not just because the characters kiss after eating a candy cane, but also because peppermint sticks are used in a way I never thought of.

But let me back up. Jack gets into an accident and is taken care of by Chrissy and Nicolette in a rustic cabin. Think Stephen King’s Misery, but without the nastiness. Actually, forget I said that. These two stories only have similarities of an accident and being stuck in a cabin. I don’t want to lead you down the completely wrong road šŸ™‚

Because Jack wants to stay in the cabin with the two lovely ladies. They have a much sexier time together than the writer in Misery ever did. And the three lovers in Peppermint Kisses have the excuse of a heavy snowstorm keeping them from leaving the steamy house. It’s a similarity to the previous story I reviewed, which was more of an alpha-male romance: Make My Wish Come True.

Eventually, the three lovers manage to leave the cabin and set out for their destinations. But the story doesn’t end there, as the three meet up again, and they realize who the others really are — and these characters fit right into the holiday.

This ebook is free and available at Smashwords. Also, this is erotica, so it’s only for readers 18 years and older.

Here’s the book’s description:

Jack is on his way to visit his Mother for Christmas when he goes off the road. Trapped in a ski cabin with two gorgeous vixens, there’s more than one way to beat the cold. But when the girls up and disappear Jack’s left with a lot of questions about his mysterious hostesses.

Previously published by Romance Divine
Warnings: this book contains threesomes, girl on girl action, and inappropriate uses of large candy canes


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2 thoughts on “Peppermint Kisses: A Review

  1. Candy canes! Wonderful Christmas spirit, Wynter. Gus, you write a review very well. What a chore you must have reading all these…haha. šŸ˜‰ Your encouragement of other authors just proves how awesome you are, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes, it’s a huge chore to read these stories! Thank you very much for your sweet comment — I liked trying to inspire writers with those quotes I did in November, and now I’m hoping to inspire readers to try out new authors. Especially us indie authors. It’s nice to spread the word about them šŸ™‚


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