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All in One Night: A Review

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All In One Night, by Jade Twilight

All in One Night
By Jade Twilight
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Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was never quite like this! Instead of Ebenezer Scrooge, we have Emmy who’s not thrilled about Christmas, and this story starts off with her telling some kids in a department store that Santa isn’t real (spoiler alert!). So we know right off that this is a bah-humbug kind of gal.

When the three ghosts visit Emmy that night, they’re not all how I remember the ghosts to be in the Dickens version. Wasn’t the Ghost of Christmas Past an old man with long gray hair and a night cap? And the Ghost of Christmas Future was a creepy ghoul with a cloak pulled low, so you couldn’t see its face? At least that’s what I remember from the movie.

Well, the ghosts in All in One Night are nothing like those. Instead, these are stud muffins sporting a tight sweater, business suit, and black leather jacket. We’re not in Kansas, Toto — nor are we in 1800s London with Mr. Dickens. We’re in … well, I’m not sure what city, because I don’t believe the story tells where it takes place. But regardless of the city, we’re in a romance story complete with a single woman and three hot ghosts.

Those ghosts show Emmy the past (her as a child on Christmas), the present (her mom wishing that Emmy would visit), and the future (let’s just say it’s grim, don’t want to spoil it). Not only do the ghosts show these visions to Emmy, they give her a treat afterward. Christmas is for giving, after all. And some of that giving happens on a bed.

I’ll let you find out the rest of the story, as Emmy wakes to the day after these visits with a renewed holiday spirit. I don’t want to give everything away! But I will say that this is a warm, sensual updating of Dickens’s classic tale.

The book’s description:

Emmy dislikes Christmas and all it stands for. Will three ghostly visitors change her mind or just blow it right away.


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