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Jolly Blogger Award


jolly Blogger Award

Thank you to Galit over at Coffee n’ Notes for nominating me for The Jolly Blogger Award!

As I understand it, the rules are to answer 12 questions given to me, then nominate 10 other bloggers and give them new questions. I’m going to answer the questions posed to me, but I’ll skip the passing-it-along part, since Christmas has already passed. Sorry for not keeping the chain going πŸ™‚

My answers struck me as being more on the boring side… and that struck me as funny in a way, because it reminds me of when I created this pen name for my erotic stories. Back then, I had wondered if I should create a persona for him. As in, he would be a character similar to one dreamed up for a story. He’d live an exciting, thrill-a-minute, playboy-ish life.

But I decided against it, and instead put that imagination into characters for stories. So these answers more reflect me behind the pen name, rather than a fake, jet-setting, Most Interesting Man in the World.

What is on your Christmas Wish list?

I don’t have long Christmas lists these days: Scotch, books, and dark chocolate. I mostly get books on my own, but it’s certainly nice to be surprised when family or friend gives me a book that I’ve never heard of, and I get introduced to a new author.

What would be the perfect Christmas?

Spending it with family and some seriously good eats on the table.

What’s your favorite winter make-up look?

I don’t do make-up, but I put on some Chapstick when it’s needed to avoid chapped lips. No flavors or sparkles on the Chapstick — I’m a plain guy when it comes to that.

Do you believe in Santa?

I most definitely did as a kid, and I still enjoy the magic of him as part of the holiday.

What is your favorite Christmas food or drink?

Cookies. Christmas meal always reminded me of our Thanksgiving meal, so it didn’t stand out as unique. But the cookies certainly did. πŸ™‚

Will you be traveling for Christmas, if so where?

Yes, but not far. Went to see family nearby.

Would you prefer Christmas with or without snow?

With snow! I very much enjoy Christmas even if it’s mild outside, but having snow adds a beautiful atmosphere to the holiday.

Do you like eggnog?

Yes, but not a lot of it. Once I have a glass of it, with some nutmeg sprinkled on top, I’m all set until next year.

What is your favorite winter clothing?

Jeans and thick shirts — I’m not much of a sweater guy.

Do you leave Santa cookies, if so who eats them?

Not any more, but I did as a kid. I always figured the cookies and milk gave Santa energy on his long night delivering presents.

What was the best gift you ever received?

One gift doesn’t jump out at me. I remember being thrilled when opening presents and finding toys as a kid. And books, too. I loved getting books to bring me into wonderful stories.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Decorating the tree. Every year, I’d remember the ornaments and the stories behind them, of when I had received them. Putting the tree up marked the start of celebrating Christmas, and it’s still my favorite tradition.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

19 thoughts on “Jolly Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations !

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  2. Congratulations to you sir

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  3. Come on! It’s Christmas-time! Get out that make-up!

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  4. Awwwh, so glad you join the jolly tag, lol. Loved reading snout your Christmas, think you so much ❀

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  5. Thank you for sharing this with us August

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  6. If I may, I’d like to answer these also. As you know August, Veronica is so much more than the odd erotic thing she writes, and my answers will show the softer side.
    1: wish list = anything that shows the giver has put thought and consideration into the gift. I’m not super fussy. Veronica would so want new toys, the softer side would ask for kitchen stuff (I love cooking)
    2: good food, good wine, good company makes for a great day.
    3: make-up, what make-up? I very rarely wear it, so nothing different to normal, eyeliner, mascara, maybe lip gloss and foundation for a special occasion.
    4: Do I believe in Santa, no, not really. And didn’t really as a kid either.
    5: A really good ham followed by ice cream cake.
    6: We travelled all of 5km to spend it at my parents’ house with siblings
    7: Being in Australia, Christmas = summer, but I would love to spend a Christmas in the snow, just once.
    8: I haven’t drunk egg nog for years, and as it’s summer here, am likely to not for some time yet. It’s ok, I spose
    9: winter clothing, or as this is Christmas, should I mention summer clothing..? Winter, jeans, layered tops and a good jacket with scarves. Summer, light layers or light quirky dresses and tops
    10: no cookies for Santa as he doesn’t come to our house (never has really, even when the kids were small)
    11: best gift… see #1
    12: best Christmas memory would have to be as a kid when we set up the nativity scene early December. While not religious, it seems hypocritical, but I loved it, and would keep it up if it weren’t for everyone else. Maybe we need to get some sexy figurines and make a bondage/orgy/threesome/etc scene for the holiday season..?

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    • Veronica, that’s completely okay to answer the questions, too! And thanks for writing them! It’s wild to think of Christmas in summer down there in Australia — I think it may feel like Twilight Zone to me, being so used to Christmas being cold (but hardly ever snowy). Thanks again — and your answer for #2 was direct and wonderful. Those ingredients certainly make for a great day!

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  7. Congratulations! No one is more worthy. It seems we’d get along well, as I like a dark chocolate, the magic of Christmas and a good book, as well. I really enjoyed reading more about you, Gus. A bit more about the man behind the name. And I’m really happy you aren’t one of those fake jet setting characters, as well. Your authenticity glows, my friend.

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  8. Congrats, man. πŸ™‚

    PS… personally, I really dig being a fake jet setter.

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