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Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

Curves in the Ice


curves in ice, by Adam Rifkin (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Adam Rifkin (Flickr, Creative Commons)

The frozen curves in the pond made him think of how he had felt frozen in time, a month ago, at her apartment.

How her words had fallen like icicles: I’m sorry, Henry. You’ve been so sweet to me, and I’m sorry about this. But I feel that we haven’t been working out.

“Was it something about me?” he had asked.

No, no — not at all. You’re such a sweet, open, honest guy. I think three months is enough time to know, and I feel like I know.

“You know.” His words were flat, emotionless.

That’s right, I know. It just didn’t have that spark, you know?

“It does for me.”

I’m sorry. I don’t want to lie to you, to keep going with us together, and lie to you that things were going wonderfully and exciting when they really weren’t. And I know — I really know — that you’ll find someone else who does feel that spark, and —

“Did you find someone else?”

Yes. I’m not going to lie about that, either. I did meet someone. And I’m sorry for that.

Sorry for that was frozen for him, the words curving in the air like the curves in the iced pond.

“I’m sorry for that, too,” he said softly to the pond, and the words were carried on frosty clouds from his mouth.

He wished for that someone else to be there, next to him, and looking at the curves in the ice. Someone who would appreciate the beauty of the icy pattern. Someone who also felt a spark and didn’t go looking for it somewhere else.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

8 thoughts on “Curves in the Ice

  1. Okay, got it. You also write heartbreak really well, Gus. Stick a knife in me already. Lovely. Sad, but lovely. I have been on both sides of that situation. Who hasn’t. Pass the tissues, please.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for the balanced comment of lovely and sad 🙂 I made a commitment to myself that not all my stories were to be about frisky people having sexy fun. It’s more interesting this way. And that also means I’m passing out more tissues. I didn’t use up the whole box, so I can share some…


      • I think you’ve made a fine commitment and I’m proud of you. You should show your range of writing ability. What I bet we’ll find is that you can inspire and intrigue us with or without frisky behavior. It’s all about the little bits you give along the way. Sometimes sexy moments come along in the most innocent of places, ya know? For example, I believe, a paragraph on what someone notices about anothers hands or how they treated a neighbor can be just as intriguing as reading about a character’s sexy time. When done right. You’re able to pull that off. I can tell. I look forward to more.

        Giggle. And thanks for the tissues…you’re the best. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. You take the time and effort, and I very much appreciate that. I totally agree that sexy moments can come in loads of situations, and not the ones in typical sex scenes. Plus, it’s nice to step away from writing about sex now and then to focus on other parts of story, too. Thanks again, Aud, for the great comment 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your tore at my heart with this one. </3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. August, i have a proposal for you. Will send you an email.

    Liked by 1 person

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