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“Brackford Hall”: A Review


Brackford Hall by Lianah Morgan

Brackford Hall: Book One
Return to Brackford (Brackford Hall Book 2)
by Lianah Morgan
Each ebook is $2.99 at Amazon, but both are available in a Value Bundle for $3.99

Are you excited that the new season (the fifth) of Downton Abbey is upon us? Do you also enjoy reading steamy fiction where desires beat heavily, and people answer to their call?

If you answered yes! to both questions, then dear reader, you are in luck. Because you can take a visit to Brackford Hall, where characters in a Downton Abbey-esque setting answer the call of their desires, and the steam may just fog your reading device.

There are two titles in this series: Brackford Hall: Book One and Return to Brackford (Brackford Hall Book 2). Each ebook costs $2.99, but you can purchase them both in a Value Bundle for $3.99 and save yourself a couple of bucks. Maybe use those bucks to buy a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from your brow after reading these stories.

Or maybe you’re chuckling because handkerchiefs cost much more than that — I don’t believe I’ve ever bought one, so I will profess ignorance here.

But enough about handkerchiefs! Let’s get to these stories…

Lady Charlotte has pined after Andrew for years, but he is unavailable — now that he is married to Olivia Gage, and together they are the Lord and Lady Brackford. They control Brackford Hall, since the previous viscount died and Andrew inherited the estate.

Because Charlotte cannot marry the man she loves and lusts, she has decided to head off to America for a dramatic change of scenery. Andrew, however, doesn’t think very highly of this, as he wants this lovely lady to stay at Brackford Hall.

Yes, Andrew also has strong feelings for Charlotte. And he admits those feelings to Charlotte in the library on the night before Charlotte leaves for the New World across the Atlantic. Charlotte puts up a strong stance to remain firm in her resolve to not let Andrew touch her. But those desires beat heavily, and to answer their call is awfully tempting…

The scene in the library is lusciously described, and I enjoyed how the scene was painted. The ladder against bookshelves, for example. The grid of moonlight on the dark green carpet, as another. Sumptuous, dear reader, sumptuous. For this is no roll in the hay of a barn. This is the richly appointed Brackford Hall.

Return to Brackford takes place two years after the first book, when Lady Charlotte comes back to receive the next payment of her settlement. But I think it’s more than that, since she could’ve done that back in London and just dealt with the lawyers. She wants to see Andrew, of course. She still wants him, and she probably still thinks about that hot time in the library.

Who wouldn’t?!

This book gives us more content of the other characters, and Lady Olivia is certainly not a happy camper about Charlotte being there. Olivia lets her disapproval be known clearly, even among the proper manners of this noble class.

Olivia’s brother, Charles, is visiting Brackford Hall, and he’s also quite fetching, Charlotte notices — since she can be more controlled than Andrew in showing her attraction.

The steamy scene takes place this time in Charlotte’s room when Andrew comes calling (not too loudly, though — don’t want to alert any of the others in the house). Not only is the location of the steamy scene different, but so are the number of people involved. Because the lovers are joined by a surprise guest…

These two books are very well written, and they offer a story beyond the erotic scenes. There’s a dynamic between Charlotte and Andrew that has been building for years before the action in the books, and this adds a depth to the book. The drama between these two characters in the beginning of the first book is the culmination of much history between the two. And the drama between Charlotte and Olivia in the second book is the consequence of what has happened before.

I definitely recommend these books if you answered yes! to both of the questions at the beginning of this post — since the action and setting are done just right.

The descriptions of these two books:

Brackford Hall: Book One
When Viscount Brackford died, he left behind his only daughter, Charlotte. Marred by scandal and still unmarried, the beautiful but melancholy Lady Charlotte Russell feels suffocated by her life at Brackford Hall, now the property of the new Viscount; Charlotte’s former sweetheart and her late father’s heir, Andrew.

Charlotte knows that it’s only a matter of time before the still-smoldering attraction between herself and Andrew catches fire. If only he hadn’t mysteriously thrown her over in favor of Olivia Gage, the new Lady Brackford, who won’t stop tossing family portraits into the attic.

Determined to escape, Charlotte decides to flee on an indefinite tour of America. Even though she still avoids being alone with Andrew at all costs, her luck finally runs out on the eve of her departure, and Charlotte gives in to her heart’s desire.

WARNING: This 6500+ word short story contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature, intended only for adults age 18+.

Return to Brackford (Brackford Hall: Book Two)
When Lady Charlotte Russell returns to Brackford Hall after two years abroad, she finds that the forbidden attraction between herself and her father’s heir, the new Viscount Brackford, hasn’t abated at all.

Charlotte and Andrew give into temptation all too easily, but the consequences of their actions are bigger than either one of them could have imagined—especially since the Viscount’s brother-in-law, Mr. Charles Gage, has his own plans for the estate. When Charles catches the star-crossed lovers in the act, he makes a demand that will change Brackford—and Charlotte’s life—forever.

WARNING: This 6500+ word short story includes sex scenes with multiple partners and is intended for mature audiences only. If MMF or MFM menage offends you, please do not buy this book. Thank you.


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