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Stars Seen from the Deck


evening sky with stars, by Robert Snache (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Robert Snache (Flickr, Creative Commons)

At night, there were much fewer people on the deck of the cruise ship. Most of the people were inside, eating and drinking in the grand banquet halls. Dancing in the clubs. Watching a show. All were much livelier, louder rooms than out on the deck.

Also, the deck at night was a different person than during the day — when rows of people bathed in the sunlight and children screeched their delight over splashing in the pools.

At night, the deck had tucked those kids to bed and had put on an evening dress. A fashionably black dress, glittering with gems. A dress that shimmered and put plain, solid-colored dresses to shame.

Those who walked on the night deck moved at a leisurely pace. Taking their time to enjoy the night. Enjoying the quiet. Enjoying their loved one.

Walking hand in hand, the couple celebrating their anniversary looked up at the stars.

“They’re so much brighter out here,” the husband said.

“No competition for light,” his wife replied. “Except for the ship.”

“Just us. Us down here in a huge, dark ocean.”

“Like us. Just us two in this crazy world.”

“Do I still make you crazy?”

“Sometimes, yeah, you get under my skin.”

“No, no. I meant crazy in love.”

“Well, in that case, a much bigger yes.”

They kissed, there on the quiet deck of the huge cruise ship, under the stars like gems in the dark, infinite night.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

4 thoughts on “Stars Seen from the Deck

  1. I can’t help but wonder was this inspired by recent news? I like your story more in any event. 🙂

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