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Warm Up Winter with a Free Ebook!


On this final day of heating up January with summer-time erotica, here is an offering from yours truly. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, this story may sound familiar… and right you are! It started as flash fiction that I published in early August: “Etiquette at the Nude Beach.” I added extra content to the quickie story — more than doubling the word count.

This ebook is for readers 18 years and older, since it is a work of erotic fiction.

Etiquette at the Nude Beach cover

Etiquette at the Nude Beach
By August MacGregor
Free at Smashwords

Kiera and Bridgette are lesbian partners enjoying a nude beach when a muscular guy (sporting an erection) asks them to help him put suntan oil on those hard-to-reach places. They decline and give him a lesson on proper etiquette at a nude beach.

This interloper sets events in motion, as Kiera is disgusted by what she considers as rude behavior, and Bridgette is a little turned on, since she is bisexual. As they take a walk along the beach, Bridgette is determined to take her lover’s mind off the guy and onto more pleasurable things. After all, they’re naked and on a wonderful beach during a beautiful day.

But the pleasurable things don’t end there, for Kiera devises a plan to not only thank Bridgette for a roll in the dunes, but to deal with Bridgette’s arousal over the muscular guy with his carefully sculpted hair and his erection pointing at them. The day keeps heating up as they leave the beach for the privacy of their house–where they don’t have to be so quiet.

Etiquette at the Nude Beach is an erotic short story (10,496 words) that contains explicit descriptions of sex, a lovely beach, two grilled hamburgers, an outdoor shower, and tasty margaritas.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

4 thoughts on “Warm Up Winter with a Free Ebook!

  1. I just downloaded it and look forward to enjoying it shortly!!!

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  2. Thank you August! I have officially opened up a Smashwords account and hope to enjoy you story soon. 🙂 xo

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