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Goodbye January, Hello February


January wrapped up with a new flash-fiction story each day here on my blog, and the exercise was really good for me. It forced me to think of various situations that I normally don’t try out in writing. For example, the Brunettes Are Dangerous story and others in that series were a departure for me. And it felt great trying new things.

As we enter February, I’m shifting gears. Since Valentine’s Day is in this month, I’ll be focusing on love and romance — mostly through poetry. There may be flash fiction in there, but probably not much.

The poems won’t just be about passion, as I want to keep stretching from the lust that I’ve explored in many erotica stories. I’d like to also write about love beyond lust: the comfort of love felt through spending many years together. And the fear of opening up one’s heart. Then there’s when love is taken away, in a break-up. There’s unrequited love. Also, the love of friends — that’s extremely important. Let’s not forget the love of chocolate, as that’s no small thing, either.

Sometime during the month, I’ll let you know of a big sale of my ebooks that I’m planning. A couple of my ebooks are now available for free — but I’m going to set all the others at 99 cents each. Those ebooks that are short-story length (fewer than 10,000 words) are already 99 cents each, so this is no change at all. But I’m going to drop the price of my novellas and my novel to under a buck each. Just another way to celebrate the love of the month. 🙂


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye January, Hello February

  1. Good job on your work this month. My resolution is still waiting to fire up, but your production is an inspiration to this would-be author.

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  2. A very productive and inspiring month! I’m looking forward to reading your poems.

    Liked by 1 person

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