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Flowers at the Seaside Town


"Namorados" Ismael Nery (1927)

“Namorados” Ismael Nery (1927)

He bought her flowers at the seaside town
whose houses were soaked with so much sun
they were warm to the touch.

He tried to keep his cool next to this lovely woman
with her graceful walk that certainly everyone noticed.
She smiled at those notices, enjoying the appreciations
but not doing anything else with them.

For she was with him, and the lovely blue flowers proved it
as well as the fact that her hand clasped his hand
as they made their way toward the cool blue
of the Mediterranean to slip into the gorgeous waters.

Side by side they walked,
but now and then he looked over at her,
eyes drawn like those appreciative onlookers.
And when he gazed upon her, matching up their eyes and lips,
they seemed to have a single face.

Seeing this, it was very clear that they belonged together,
and nobody was about to attempt to change that.
Only the wind in its playfulness dared to ruffle
the flowers in her hands,
but she was all right with that.


The painting above is “Namorados,” by Ismael Nery (1927). Google translate tells me that “namorados” means “valentine,” which is perfect for this month. According to Wikimedia Commons, the painting is in the public domain, as 80 years have passed since the artist’s death.


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