August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over

His Strong Hand


The feel of his hand
Holding her hand
As they walk
In the park
Just to be walking
And being together.

For his hand is
Strength, trust, loyalty,
Confidence that he
Is there, by her side.
Has been there
For years and
Promises with
its strength
That it will
Be there, by her side,
For years and years
To come.

A deep bond,
This strength and trust,
For she has
Cried upon his shoulder,
Sought his embrace
When she needed warmth,
Told him secrets she’s
Never told to another,
Welcomed him to do
Things to her that
She’s never
Allowed to another.

Through all of this
The everything of
Ups and downs
Pains and laughter
He is still there
By her side
Holding her hand
With his strong hand.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

4 thoughts on “His Strong Hand

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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