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A Slower Pace of Blogging


Another month has wrapped up, and I want to thank all of you who read my poems in February and gave such wonderful comments. Truly, I was surprised about the reactions. In planning for February, I wanted to publish a love poem a day, and I didn’t think beyond that. It turned out that these poems gathered more likes than anything else I’ve written on this blog.

So, thank you. You’ve humbled me.

Now I’m turning to look ahead. My posting will slow down a lot, compared with posting daily in January and February. This comes for two reasons.

Most importantly, I need to focus more on my day job — as I’ve been allowing that to slip. Time management is definitely not one of my strengths, and I’ve got to get back on track for my job.

The other reason is that, as I carve out time to write, I’m going back to work on stories that are longer than poems and flash fiction.

Through the past few years, I’ve published 24 erotic and romantic ebooks, from short stories, to novellas, to a novel. Given the amount of my works in progress, I could certainly churn out many more of these. Sexy stories are a thrill to write. So I’ll be looking to wrap up some of these stories and publish them as ebooks.

But I’m also going to work on other types of stories, due to a creative urge to go beyond sex as a big part of storytelling.

Also, there’s a practical reason to see how non-erotic ebooks would sell. February has been a small uptick in sales for me, probably because I put all my ebooks on sale at 99 cents each. I’m grateful for my sales, as there are so many options for entertainment out there. It’s wonderful to me when someone chooses one of my books.

I have to wonder if non-erotic books would sell better and help get me closer to becoming a full-time writer. After all, according to the July 2014 Author Earnings Report, erotica represented only 1.2% of ebook sales on Amazon for that month’s snapshot.

My non-erotic stories will not fit under my August pen name, but will be published under my own name. I would like to eventually get to a point where I find a kind of balance, when I work some on erotica and some on non-erotic stories.

This doesn’t mean I’m saying good-bye to this blog. I will be popping back in now and then. You’ll see a poem occasionally, as I still have many of those that I haven’t published here yet. In diving into love poetry for February, a book of poems resulted — something I hadn’t planned. So, I’ll be sharing more of the poems in there.

And I’ll be popping in to read your blogs, too. Since starting this blog a little more than a year ago, I’ve made fantastic connections with you guys, and I’ve enjoyed your beautiful writing. I’m certainly going to come back and enjoy more of it.

Thank you again for supporting my blog. Your likes and comments have been wonderful, as continue on this journey as a writer. I deeply appreciate you.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

26 thoughts on “A Slower Pace of Blogging

  1. First, I want a link to your books!!! Yeah, I’m greedy like that. Second, I am so grateful to have found your words and deeply appreciate you too.

    Much love, Annie

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  2. Ahh, Gus. You know I’ll miss your presence, but I also know how important it is for you to find a way to write full time. You have what it takes, for sure. I’m such a fan of yours. Your voice is so loud in your writing. Have you considered allowing your followers to follow your real name? Either way what you contribute here is cherished by many.

    Don’t be a stranger, Sir. My best to you always and focus on that real life job. I cannot imagine you letting that slack, but I get needing to refocus your thoughts.

    You know where to find me.

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    • You offer wonderful encouragement, and thank you for doing that. You’ve been an amazing supporter of my writing, and I very much appreciate it. I certainly hope I have what it takes to eventually write full time. My focus next is to finish longer stories, since my shorter books don’t make waves. I haven’t considered my blog “followers” (I dislike that term) to follow my real name. I’d like to keep the two parts quite separate. I certainly won’t be a stranger — you’ll see me pop in, now and then. I hope you’re doing well, Auds.


  3. Just to clarify, I “like” that you want to become a full-time writer and I certainly believe that is a very attainable goal for you. I do not “like” that you will be posting less. I always look forward to your posts and your comments. Be well, friend.

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    • Thank you Dana. I really enjoyed posting a lot in January and February. But I realized that I was becoming more of a blogger and less of a writer. The poetry was good for me to do, but I very much missed working on longer stories, which I can get wrapped up in. They’re what made me fall in love with writing, and I’ll be glad to be back at it soon. But I’ll certainly be poking back into WordPress now and then. I hope you are doing well, Dana. 🙂

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  4. It was lovely to read your poems. I am gladly I stumbled upon you. You words have touched me in so many ways! Hugs to you and look forward to reading more!

    Joy 🙂

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  5. Take your time.. you are a great writer…you may venture into dark, historical, sci-fi, or nonerotic books or short stories someday… I know you can and will succeed… I wish you all the best… and thank you for sharing your talent with us… 🙂

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    • You made me smile when you listed all those genres. Because, you never know, do you? One of the many beauties of story is that it can take many shapes. So much action, character, romance, love, etc., can be filled in a story. I love thinking of possibilities and how a story can unfold. I very much appreciate you saying all of those kind words. Thank you 🙂

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  6. I very much enjoyed your poems this month. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your new projects.

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  7. Good luck on all your writing!

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  8. What an awesome undertaking. I am intrigued by the path you are taking – I think it is healthy and I wish you much success in your endeavors.

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  9. I’ve been super busy, but I noticed your absence. I miss reading your words, and hope the longer works are filling up many pages.

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